iPhone 7 might come in 3 different models

As the launch time gets nearer and nearer, the speculations and rumours market is getting hotter and hotter with all the anticipated features and changes possible in the soon to-be launched edition of the iPhone, iPhone 7.

According to a recent photo leak by Weibo, a Chinese micro blog site and posted by Steve Hemmerstoffer, the infamous gadget leaker on his site nowhereelse.fr, tech giant Apple might gift the world with three different models of iPhone 7 rather than just the two models that people were anticipating same as the iPhone 6.

The leaked photo reveals that there will be three different variants of iPhone 7- the regular sized iPhone, a larger Plus model (same as iPhone 6), and a third new “Pro” iPhone 7 model.

The new Pro iPhone 7 model will apparently come with dual lens camera, while the iPhone 7 Plus model will have the same single lens camera as the regular sized iPhone 7 model. The dual lens camera will be exclusive to the Pro model.

The newly leaked photos also show a Smart Connector at the bottom of the Pro model, but its usage will only be known when the phone hits the market. A recently granted patent to Apple does reveal a few ideas and uses that the company might have in mind for the connector, but patents can’t be considered a 100 percent reliable proof of how the final product will turn out.

The leaked photo also somehow materialises the rumours going around regarding the famous antenna lines on the back of the iPhone which also doubles up as an attractive design. According to the photo, Apple has reassigned the antenna lines, and in the new addition they will wrap around the top edges rather than traversing the back of the device.

Whether all these rumours do come true, is something which we will have to wait and find out. Till then these rumours do suggest a pretty impressive iPhone coming our way.


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