IPV logs 160% IRR for its investors on the back of multiple exits in 2022

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IPV logs 160% IRR for its investors on the back of multiple exits in 2022 1

One of the most active and largest angel investment platforms Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), has announced 12 exits giving an IRR of 160% to its investors. The angel platform, which has emerged as one of the most trusted investment platforms for CXOs and first-time angels, has generated stellar returns even in tough market conditions. 


Launched in 2018 by finance and PE veterans, Vinay Bansal, Ankur Mittal & Mitesh Shah, IPV has announced multiple exits from its 170+ start-up portfolio giving much needed liquidity infusion to its investors. IPV has invested Rs 550 crore across over 170 startups. At an overall level, the angel platform has provided 9 full exits, 21 partial exits to investors and 52 startups have gone on for a follow-on round of funding at a higher valuation post the platform’s initial investment. While last year it has partially and fully exited 12 startups.

Some of the key exits include high performing startups like BluSmart, Otipy, Stage and Buyofuel. Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO, IPV, says, “The ongoing funding winter didn’t deter us from our investment and exit strategy. Last year, we exceeded our investment target and have put Rs 190 crore against Rs 155 crore target in Indian startups. Our belief in the robustness and strength of Indian startups continue to be on an upswing. Startup investments are fast emerging as a long term wealth creation asset class. The exits provided by us in 2021 and 2022 is further building confidence in the ecosystem to go long on angel investments.”

IPV has generated an IRR of 226% on a partial exit of Buyofuel and 186% IRR on partial exit of Kazam. 

Ankur Mittal, Co-Founder, IPV, says, “We have always believed that startup investments should be democratised and more people should have access to fast growing new age companies. Exits help provide liquidity in to the asset class and as more wealth gets built from angel investments, it will further add to the credibility of this asset class, thus appealing to a wider investor base. In the last one year, our investor base has grown from 6000 to 8600+. We expect this to further grow to 10,000 as we continue to follow best in class due diligence to invest in top of the line companies which are building solutions for a better future.” 

One of the major successes in the past year has been a stupendous exit in a Ad-tech startup with an IRR of 302% with a final money-over-money (MoM) for the exiting investors of >25x.

Apart from it, IPV has partially exited companies like peAR, Cercle X, EnsuredIT, LoanKuber, Raaho and Streak during the year, generating an average IRR of 162%. 

See table below for a snapshot: 

Name of the startupSectorPartial/FullIRR %MoM
Cercle XCleantechPartial122%2.09

Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder, IPV, says, “We will continue to focus on exits in the current year and will work on bringing a filtered list of startups to our investor members. IPV plays an active role in connecting startups founders from our portfolio with large VCs for follow on rounds. We will leverage our network within the peers to ensure our founders get the right capital and mentoring to scale their businesses.”

IPV invested in about 55 startup deals last year and plans to invest in more than 60 start-ups in 2023.

IPV has grown to more than 8600 members on the platform who can experience IPV’s unique & specialised approach to early-stage investing. The entry barriers for becoming an investor with IPV are extremely low, having been designed keeping in mind the ethos of the platform. One can start angel investment with IPV with a cheque size as low as Rs. 1,00,000 for a startup. It is the lowest cheque size in the angel investors community today. 

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