Is AI the Future of Non-Fiction Book?

By Srikanth
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Is AI the Future of Non-Fiction Book? 1

Let’s explore the relationship between AI and non-fiction book writing. We have experience with AI and writing experience, so you can trust our opinion. 


To many authors and readers, AI could be a friend or a foe. While some authors think that AI has the potential to overtake human writing in an effort to inform and entertain, there are still many writers who acknowledge that AI is useful but not exactly a threat to their jobs.

I believe that AI certainly holds a place in the future of non-fiction book writing, in an effort to make the writing process easier for the average person. A more accessible writing software like AI will help more people more effectively write their stories.

Let’s dive into some details about why AI will help non–fiction writers in the future

Setting The Scene

When figuring out how to write a non–fiction book, you’ll have to keep in mind that aside from having written about a compelling person or thing, it’s essential to carefully craft scenarios and scenes that offer readers a vivid glimpse into what you are describing. While some humans excel at that, our vocabulary and ability to translate our thoughts into words that makes sense to readers doesn’t always fit. 

AI can help here. Using prompts, we can ask AI to begin to craft descriptions for unique scenarios. Since AI dives into a rather rich amount of information pulled from all across the Internet, it can come up with just about anything depending on how specific your prompt. 

This can be immensely helpful for some writers seeking a way to describe a scenario in detail, while still remaining accurate to what we know about history. It’s also this kind of detailed description that locks readers in and makes them want more.

Making An Outline

Most authors, regardless of what they are writing about, make a detailed outline of their story before beginning to write. This involves having people, places and details thought out ahead. While these are a great way to establish what else you need for a non-fiction book, they are also time-consuming.

You could use a prompt to tell AI about your non-fiction thoughts, and AI would help you complete an outline more thoroughly. AI can also help you find holes in your outline before you get to part of your book and realize you left some information out.


AI helps edit in more than one way. Let’s start with the basics of grammar and punctuation. AI can hunt down small problems like this before you send it to anyone, which lets your other human editors and readers spend more time thinking about your book and details than about commas. 

AI can also help think through word choice. What if you want to change the style a little bit, or think of a better way of saying something? Plug that sentence in, add some context, and AI can generate ways of stating a fact or description that you didn’t think of.

Let’s also be honest, editing your novel is often the least fun part of actually writing a story. AI can do this well and can accompany other humans who you’ve asked to read your story.

Why AI Still Needs You As An Author

While a variety of sources paint AI as the doomsday device that ends the career of writing forever – many fail to recognize that there are some things that AI needs humans to achieve. AI is fact-based and is great at researching large amounts of information and printing them in a somewhat robotic way. This also means that AI isn’t good at actually conveying emotion or recognizing what would build emotions through the course of a story. 

Sure, you could add to a prompt “Make this story more emotional” and AI would probably have characters cry or just be sad. This doesn’t quite connect with the reader the way you can, knowing the entirety of a non-fiction history that you do know. 

So AI will need your help to build something truly worth reading.


Thankfully, AI is unlikely to match your skills at crafting a compelling narrative anytime soon. Readers’ expectations are still reasonably high, and to be honest, most of them can tell that writing is made by AI. In the end, you’ll become a more efficient writer while using AI in your non-fiction book.

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