Is Apple losing out on innovation?

For a majority of people, Apple is the definition of best quality, class and sophistication. For a long time since its launch, the brand has been able to hold on the title of one of the most loved tech brand in the world, and no it is not solemnly because of some clever marketing/advertising strategy. In addition to launching the Apple brand as a luxury tech brand, the brand has also been a constant performer, offering its users new and innovative things with its each launch. But, now it seems, all isn’t well for the tech brand on the innovation front.

A newly released survey by Brand Keys, a brand loyalty and emotional engagement research consultancy, reveals that Apple, which was apparently last year’s top performer on the list, has finished at a sad number 4 position.

The list has been put together from the data the firm collected in the first two weeks of the month of July, where it asked 4000 adult consumers about which tech companies spontaneously came to their mind as innovative.

According to tech experts, the recent iPhone 7 leaks showing the phone’s strong resemblance to its predecessor iPhone 6 hasn’t gone really down with the people. It seems, people were expecting a lot from the yet to be launched iPhone and the recent leaks have really made people wonder if Apple has reached its innovation limit and has started selling the same products wrapped in slightly different packagings.

It wasn’t just Apple that saw a major fall in its ranking on the list. This year also saw Samsung taking a fall from its previous position of No. 3 to No. 5 and software giant Microsoft dived from a decent No. 11 position to a sad No. 18, falling 7 places.

Well, it seems consumers nowadays are very aware of what they want and no company, however big it might be, can take them for granted. It’s time for these giants to pull-up their socks and starting delivering quality that they used to deliver years ago.

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