Is Article Spinning Just the Same as Article Rewriting

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Article Rewriting

There is a lot of debate on whether there is any difference between article spinning and article rewriting. The answer to this is ‘Yes’; there is a thin line difference. When you spin an article ten-twenty times, it generates the required number of copies of the same content. Okay, it uses synonyms to change words, and some of the ‘spun’ articles make absolutely no sense. Article spinner sites boast that it spins unique articles that won’t contain plagiarized content. Obviously, a plagiarism checker would not red flag any sentence as plagiarized. No writer in his right mind would write the garbage that is churned out by an article spinner.

What the bad guys do is that they take content from a top-notch site and spin it. They take these copies and without bothering to check them post them on various websites. Thanks to the hordes of dodgy internet marketers, article spinning has been trashed. Its only when Google blacklists the sites for spinning spam content that they get caught.

Article Rewriting

Rewriting an article means doing the job nicely. 

A good website SEO still prefers getting a human to rewrite web content. The reason for this is that a person assigned to rewrite an article will read it, understand it, conduct research, and then decide how to rewrite it. What the rewriter does is that he rewrites the article ideas in his own words. A sentence or more may be added to the content. The rewriter might add some unique content that’s related to the theme of the actual content. Like an article on a product might have missed out on describing an essential ingredient. The rewriter will add this. The final result is that the rewritten article essentially has the same meaning; only it reads completely differently. It might have some traces of the original content.

In the grand scheme of things, most of the content that you read on the World Wide Web consists of rewritten content. 

Selecting a good Article Rewriter Application

Today, Article Rewriter tools are available online on Some of these automated article rewriter applications available on the internet are good. But you have to choose carefully. When you have a well-written article that you have posted on your website, and you want to rewrite it and post it on a blog site, you might opt to use an article rewriter.

To go about this, you must not get tempted into rushing into using the first one that you find on the internet. Never ever upload a rewritten article without reading it first. Remember, artificial intelligence and bots cannot replace the human mind. Therefore human intervention is required. Do read the rewritten article, and if you find that it has just used synonyms and has done sentence rephrasing, explore other article rewriter applications. 

Some sites that offer SEO services have a good article rewriter application among the tools that they provide. This facility has been provided as SEOs use this application to rewrite the content of their website and post it on a blog site. Or they find excellent content on a high profile website and want to present a rewritten version on their own website.

There are a number of quality article rewriter applications available on websites. You should try them and select the one to use that does an excellent job. Just make sure that you check the rewritten article and check it for plagiarism before you post it.  

When to use article rewriting?

Article rewriting is like writing an outstanding essay and handing it in proudly to your teacher. The art of good article rewriting is to do:

  • Research
  • Rewrite
  • Add details

Follow these three easy steps before you submit it. By following this simple strategy, you will have all the content that you require. It will be relevant to the original content and yet be unique in the way it has been rewritten. As an example, it should look like two car experts have given their own opinions on the same car. The car is the same, but two different people have examined and written on it in their own style. This is exactly what you should expect from an excellent article rewriter.


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