Is Comcast getting ready to offer online TV nationwide?

Is Comcast getting ready to offer online TV nationwide

Comcast has been moving towards acquirement of rights from the diverse network of owners of various cable networks and will go for a nationwide presence from now on to create the strongest backup plan possible for the biggest cable operator for all sorts of rival challenges. Such a move empowers Comcast to move beyond regional grounds and become a truly national player.

Comcast used an interesting clause in the contrasts to acquire such wide area. While it does not have TV-channel presence in various big cities like New York or LA, it can offer online streaming as an alternative to emerge as online distributors. In some situations, Comcast demanded a broader discussion with programmers so that in future, it can launch its video service.

Trying to evolve a model

Comcast, in their bid to have national significance, are trying to experiment with business models so that they can come out with a defined one in the end. Of course, the current model offers more profitability and allows a deeper penetration of the cable-TV network which may be helpful in future when the video service enters.Is Comcast getting ready to offer online TV nationwide?

Such a move also puts Comcast right in competition with the evolving competition between DirecTV and Sling TV, the two franchises from two networking giants- AT&T and Dish Network. While video does have a fair share in the cable sales, they want to test waters a bit further.

Going for sustained deals

To make a cable TV network function, programmers enter into long deals with the network providers so that a specific set of channels can be shown to a wide range of network. Keeping that in mind, Comcast will move towards such a deal so that business plans can be accommodated if need be. Of course, there are some partners who have not yet given OTT rights because their deals have not expired yet. However, with a chance for Comcast’s reconfiguration of network, these deals will definitely be revised.

Comcast is not merely competing in the national market, but also looking for bringing more diversity to their consumption choices by keeping room services like wireless services. In fact, mobile phone service is already in their plan which will be rolled out later this year.

Eyeing the competitors

DirecTV already has 0.2 million subscribers who avail diverse packages starting from $35 for 60 channels. More players are emerging in the world of online streaming such as Alphabet Inc. who is going to start broadcasting major TV channels through internet. Hence, Comcast is looking for a quick evolution of its video service by releasing its TV app so that customers can stay connected beyond set-top boxes.

In fact, its attempt to enter the streaming field has already begun in limited numbers. Video providers are already negotiating the rights with Comcast since their expansion is also in progress. However, with Comcast’s good reputation, experts believe that it will soon catch up with big players in various fields and spread its arms across them beyond its current footprint.

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