Is DIY the solution to make the world a greener place

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Is DIY the solution to make the world a greener place 1

The world is currently going through a climate crisis. Ocean levels are rising, the Ozone layer is thinning and habitats all over the world are being destroyed. This is all to do with global warming and we must do all we can to make the world a greener place to prevent this from getting worse.


At the beginning of 2022, world leaders met at the Glasgow COP26 summit to discuss plans for how each country can do their bit to save the planet from further damage. One of the main areas that they focused on was personal carbon footprints for the people of the world.

With this emphasis on everyone doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint, people have begun to start changing their ways for the better. This could be done by switching to an electric vehicle, recycling more or going vegetarian/vegan.

One way of making the world a greener place that often gets overlooked, however, is by doing more DIY. Read on to find out whether DIY is the solution to make the world a greener place.

Is DIY saving the planet

During the UK lockdowns, DIY became one of the most popular pastimes as people looked for new ways to fill their time. What they may not have realised, however, is they were doing some good for the environment. Here’s how.

Buying brand new furniture or products results in a lot of harmful practices. For example, your products will have to be shipped to you potentially from another country which will mean a lot of carbon emissions will be released into the atmosphere. Once you’ve opened your product, you’ll then have to dispose of contents such as plastic and cardboard. If this isn’t done properly then it can be very damaging to the environment.

Instead, try making your own items from scratch. This may prove more cost-effective and you’ll be proud of yourself. To get started you need to purchase essential tools which you can use for a long time for any type of project. This may include a hammer, handsaws, hole saws and core drill bits like the ones from RS.

How can DIY be made more sustainable:

Now you know the befits of DIY on the environment, it’s time to make your projects greener than ever. Here’s how:

  • Choose sustainable materials
  • Use eco-friendly paint
  • Chemical-free products
  • Reuse products for your projects

Green projects

If you’re looking to make your home even greener then you should take on these DIY projects:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Create a wooden compost
  • Make your house a smart home
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