Is Having an App Still a Choice for SaaS Startups?

By Mehul Rajput
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Is Having an App Still a Choice for SaaS Startups? 1

As the demand for SaaS mobile App development is rising, you need to modernize your startup. The requirements for modernization include easy maintenance, low cost, zero space invasions, and freedom from outdated hardware. These are merely the upgrades you need to keep the SaaS business afloat.


However, SaaS startups also gain attractive benefits from this. Your startup can easily expand to the foreign market and stay safe from vicious threats such as data theft.

Moreover, service delivery automation is also guaranteed at your end. These are some of the reasons that power the high demand for SaaS startups that want to benefit from modernizations like mobile applications and a smooth interface.

Having an app is a great choice for your SaaS startup, so we are going to discuss the potential benefits in our article:

Mobile SaaS

While mobile SaaS is easily taking over the SMBs, there is an increasing need to keep up with this trend. Increased user base and easy deployment are the driving factors for any startup to expand to the mobile apps platform. The criteria above can be well-explained as:

Provision of Accessibility

Accessibility lies in the conceptual core of such mobile apps. You should be very keen about the running operating system of your app. It shouldn’t be just an extension of your website, but also a pleasant addition that compliments your site.

This way, you’re targeting an audience that is fonder of switching to a faster platform than plugging in their laptop and waiting for things to load.

So, in the perspective of accessibility, mobile apps are an ideal choice for SaaS startups to move in the right direction.

Easy Notifications

Here we’d talk about how mobile apps are cutting your marketing costs. You won’t need to hire staff that has to manually control the service and user ratios. This technology speaks and works for itself. Therefore an integrated sales or CSR platform is an ideal choice for startups that want to progress more under a budget.

You will notice that your communication will increase by sending push notifications. Push notifications work on the desktop too, but they have a better response rate on mobile apps. So an app is also guaranteeing you a high engagement rate. This, in turn, adds to the probability of getting more people to use your service.

Customer Acquisition

Increasing users and getting more business are some of the main reasons why you’re running your startup. Your SaaS platform must not, by any means, be a quiet place.

There might be a lesser number of customers visiting your site beyond the office hours, as they switch off their desktops and head home. This clearly means that the desktop/laptop accessibility is influencing the user ratio.

Now when you switch the users to a mobile app, you help them in reaching out to you easily. 89% of users prefer mobile apps over a website.

The satisfaction of having a service based on a device that’s accessible at all times is too good. Users feel better in such cases rather than waiting for the time to use a desktop.

Competitor Advantage

There are thousands of SaaS businesses that have been running for a long period. A surprising number of business owners don’t opt for an app. They haven’t switched to mobile apps because of myths and doubts. In this regard, competitors leave a loophole that your startup can easily fill in the earliest of days.

So this is a very golden chance in terms of competitive advantage. The developmental graph will fetch you an increasing user base that wants an app on their phone. So, it will settle your place quite well among the leading startups and get you loyal users for the app.


With a mobile app comes the possibility of adding great features that can automatically build you a loyal user base. If you don’t add exciting features to your app, people can get bored and might end up in uninstalling the app.

Even if the users feel like uninstalling, your SaaS startup should gain their attention again. This can be done by providing useful and through features like notifications, reminders, location service features,etc.

The placement and navigation of these features will play a key role in determining the goal you want to achieve. Think of a mobile application as an added extension of your desktop site. Add features that can become a personal assistant for the user.

Don’t Just Go for it, Prepare for it

Keep in mind that if you want to create an app just to keep up with the new trend, then don’t!

Fitting into the startup grind of having an app might seem attractive, but do you need it? If the app you create does not fulfill some basic tasks, there is no use for the app. It will be a lackluster effort.

For example, if you are a customer service startup, the app should be able to sync with contacts and calendar on your phone. Or if you are a real estate solutions startup, the app should fetch data from your phone to help the user in a customized way. This is how you can add value to the user’s personal life.

Flexibility and Adaptation

The digital world is evolving day by day, and so are the trends. If you continue to stick to old trends, you will lose track of new advancements. SaaS businesses require flexibility in terms of adaptation and upgrades.

There will be competitors offering the same thing as you, but as soon as your usability is smooth, you will stand out. Think differently and follow the trends. Content has to be the main driving force in your app.

Make sure you are spending much time in creating new content and fulfilling the expectations of your target audience. The idea of creative content creation seems daunting, but fresh content can do wonders for your app. One of the ideal ways to create content is by listening to customer feedback and incorporating those changes.


SaaS companies that are using apps for their startups are increasing day by day. The numerous benefits that are offered by apps can be availed if you deploy them with the help of a skilled mobile app development team. Moreover, you need to be constantly on the lookout for flaws and things that can be made better in the next update.

The high performance and data security requirements can be fulfilled with a good app. If you’re a startup and confused about having an app or not, we’d suggest you go for it and add value to your business.

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