Is Sony and Microsoft’s Blockchain Venture the Future of Gaming?

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Is Sony and Microsoft's Blockchain Venture the Future of Gaming?

Sony and Microsoft, the gaming giants, are getting into blockchain tech and changing the game. It is not just about cooler games, but this could make blockchain a regular thing for everyone.

Sony’s got a patent for using blockchain to swap digital stuff between different PlayStation games. That means your progress and stuff you own could work across games, not just one. Microsoft’s also getting in on it, planning to add crypto wallets to Xbox so you can safely trade game assets on different platforms.

Why does this matter? Traditional games make money from selling games and in-game purchases, but blockchain offers true ownership of in-game stuff. This might help players and creators make more money and make game economies safer and clearer.

Picture owning game stuff like characters, items and money that you can trade or use in any game. That’s how awesome blockchain is for gaming.

Sony and Microsoft’s move is a big deal for gaming. Blockchain gaming could be 10% more valuable in 2025 than it was in 2022. More and more people love “play-to-earn” games, want cooler experiences and game makers are using blockchain tech.

But can game consoles make blockchain normal for everyone? Sony did it before with Blu-ray discs, making them standard by putting them in PlayStations. Now, they are trying to do the same with blockchain.

Sure, Sony’s had some misses in the past, like the Aibo robot and PlayStation Home disappearing, but now they are giving it another shot.

Other blockchain gaming gadgets exist, like Oculus Quest 2 and Atari’s VCS, but they are not as widespread or affordable. Sony and Microsoft might make blockchain gaming something millions of homes can enjoy.

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