Is Urban VPN the best free vpn for pc 2021?

Is Urban VPN the best free vpn for pc 2021? 1

If your work involves working from your computer over the internet, you should use a VPN. Considering cyber threats, VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a necessary tool to protect your privacy. With the increase in online jobs, there has been an increase in malicious viruses and scams over the internet.

A useful VPN can help you by rerouting your IP address through a different IP and making you anonymous.

When looking for a VPN, you have to make sure it can protect your data and not affect your browsing speed. There are many VPNs to choose from, such as Urban VPN, one of the best free vpn for pc.

Overview of VPN

A VPN can direct all of your online traffic through its servers, making it encrypted and hard to track. Once you are routing your traffic through a different server, your ISP will not see the websites you are browsing.

When you browse a website using a VPN, it will see the rerouted IP as your original IP and provide you with the data relevant to your new IP location.

This VPN can help you bypass the blocked content and access the local data by routing your data through that server. Most of the VPNs have several servers from where you can reroute your IP.

The best free vpn for pc, Urban VPN, has over 4000 servers that you can route your data from. Let us talk about Urban VPN in detail for a better understanding.

What is Urban VPN?

Urban VPN is one of the best free vpn for pcbecause of its variety of features. It has over 4000 servers, which are located in eighty-five different countries. Urban VPN is an affordable and unique software that offers all its features in a free package.

Unlike some VPNs, this free package provides all the features you can require along with premium customer support. This VPN can help you keep your data secure while making you completely untraceable while browsing the internet.

Why should you choose Urban VPN?

Urban VPN offers a variety of features that are usually only available for paid premium VPNs. Here are a few reasons why Urban VPN is the best free vpn for pc.

Easy Use

Urban VPN is easy to use and requires only a maximum of five minutes to set up. You can download the software from the website depending upon the operating system you are using. Once downloaded, install the software in your system. After installing the Urban VPN, all you have to do is customize a few settings, and you are good to go.


Urban VPN has over 4000 servers in 85 different countries, which is one of the enormous numbers of servers available among its competition. Also, it has multi-language support for various clients.


Urban VPN supports different devices such as Android, Windows, and Linux. It does not support Apple devices yet and focuses on providing the best outputs to other OS. However, they have a separate page for Apple devices where they mention that they will be releasing Urban VPN for these devices soon.


Urban VPN offers unparalleled security regardless of being a free VPN. It helps maintain its customer’s privacy with the help of an interrupt button. This VPN is a peer to peer empowered. This means that they can use their users to route traffic and ensure safety.


Urban VPN provides excellent customer support for all users. You can contact the customer care through emails, and they respond with the solution quickly. Urban VPN does not have live support, but the average response time is less than 48 hours for emails.


Urban VPN does not put a bandwidth cap over the speed limit. For normal to intermediate usage of the internet, you will not be able to see any significant speed difference.

Netflix Support

There are very few VPNs that can unblock US Netflix. Urban VPN can easily unblock any streaming website to help you watch shows, tv series, movies, or documentaries that might be unavailable in your region. You can connect to a different server and efficiently manage any content.

Urban VPN is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a free VPN service that provides all the premium features that other companies charge for. If you are just starting your business or are an individual looking for a private connection, Urban VPN is the right choice for you.


How to Install Urban VPN?

You can easily download and install Urban VPN. As Urban VPN is free to use, you can skip all the steps required to complete the payment and directly download the software on your computer. You can follow these steps to install Urban VPN on your computer:

  • Go to Urban VPN official website and register a new account.
  • Select the operating system you are on and download the file. You can choose from Android, Linux, and Windows.
  • Once downloaded, you can run the file on your computer.
  • Log into the software with the same account you registered on the website.
  • Choose your settings and start using the VPN.


Urban VPN is free to use for everyone and does not have any pricing or promotions applicable. You just have to download the software from the official website and install it on your computer.

Unlike some of the VPNs, Urban VPN offers all the premium features at free such as no drop speed, excellent customer service, a large number of servers, and more. There are no hidden charges involved, and you can use all the features such as Netflix unblocking, data encryption, geolocation change for free.


Urban VPN has an impressive set of features considering it is free to use. The company does not compromise on the VPN quality and provides all the premium features you can find in a paid VPN service. If you are looking for the best free vpn for pc, which is feature-rich and reliable, Urban VPN is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

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