Is your Salesforce Development Project in Safe Hands? We Can Tell

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Is your Salesforce Development Project in Safe Hands? We Can Tell 1

One of the golden rules in sales and marketing is Customer is King. If you can keep your customers happy, your business will keep expanding. One of the strategies to increase custom service is through a customer relationship management platform. Handling your Salesforce development project to a good company enables and supports a package that develops excellent web content. In this case, it is essential you can tell your salesforce development project is in safe hands. 

In this article, you will learn the characteristics you must see in your Salesforce development company to know if your project is in safe hands. 

How to Know If Your Salesforce Development Project is in Safe Hands.


The first way to know if you have given your Salesforce development project to an amazing developer is their curiosity. This is important because new products are added to the Salesforce ecosystem every year, and your development company must be updated to learn the new features, APIs, and hacks.

This is an important thing that separates a fantastic salesforce development company from others. Because staying updated, they will be able to use new features that make hours to study. It is crucial to make sure your development company is willing to learn anything about coding in a day, whether it’s a new method or a new method. This doesn’t mean they are not experts, but learning never ends. It boosts their Knowledge and understanding in the field.

The Development Team

The second thing to know if you have given your project to a fantastic company is their development team. You know this by observing how their leader relates with other team members. The leader must be able to ask the team critical questions about your work and how they handle it, and they should share their workload by doing pair programming.

Code quality

The third sign that you have given your Salesforce development to a reputable company is code quality. You may be thinking about how you will get to know about the code quality. This doesn’t need any experience; all you need to look at is if the custom software development firm meets your requirements. They must be an improving company that is willing to learn and apply. You must see a vast difference between the software shown as a sample to you and the one being done.

Side projects

You must see this important thing in the company you gave your software development project to ensure you are in safe hands. Having a side-project to work on will make your development have fun, improve their skills and learn new technologies. Working 24/7 without any space for fun and themselves will affect their mental health, which will also affect your project.

Ensuring your custom software development firm does this will help improve their personal project, improve their enthusiasm and engage their grey matter, making your task energy refreshing.

Evaluate hurry vs. quality

Another important sign to know if your salesforce project is in safe hands is the ability for your developer to evaluate the skill between hurry and quality. This is important if you give them an essential and urgent task and they mistake hurry for quantity.

You need to observe to see if giving them a task to do quickly will reduce their quality or not. If they are after delivering your job as fast as they can and forget the quality which is the most important. Then there is a big problem. You need to give your Salesforce development project to experienced companies because they already know what to do and what not to do.


To know you have given your Salesforce software development project to safe hands is their level of experience. You need to understand that no one is born of Knowledge. Everyone needs to learn to crawl, then walk, and run after that. Experience doesn’t come in a day. You need to ensure your custom software development agency can stay on its feet even amid an excellent task. It is important because experience is the most significant factor in earning potential.


This is where many companies miss it when they give their projects to development companies. You need to ensure your Salesforce development company is good at planning to keep your mind at peace over your project. And without experience, there cannot be excellent planning skills.

Your development company must be able to set deadlines, and the skillet and team are required to meet every deadline. They must also be able to manage their time effectively. This is important because it will prevent your anxiety from rising, especially when the time you need the project is close.

What to look out for to select the best Salesforce development company

Domain Expertise

To select the best company among the hundreds for your Salesforce development project, it is necessary to choose a company with in-depth Knowledge that can assure you of success in your company, like Fortyseven. The key to determining this is to look at your prospective development company’s prior experience and jobs. Look at the number of Salesforce projects they have done in the past.

Affordable price.

When looking out for the best Salesforce development company, you must look for a team of experienced people who can help you develop your app at a cost-effective price. A considerable price is not a great job. Seeing companies asking for a large amount of money and the ones asking for your budget require a result-driven approach to choosing the best. Look out for companies like Fortyseven that can assist you in a well-mannered with affordable prices.

Check out the company profile.

Websites are the backbone of every company and business. One of the best ways to hire the best Salesforce development company is to check out the company profile on its website or social media handles. The website will be able to provide you with a clear idea of how their service is being handled. Seeing they have a well-designed website is a powerful asset that shows the quality of their work.


To make sure your Salesforce development is in safe hands, you need to follow the details in this article. Also, before going ahead to hunt, always remember to hire professionals.

If you are thinking of where to get the best Salesforce development company, Fortyseven has an extensive season of developers that can cater to all your project needs. They are experts in salesforce, JavaScript, C++, PHP, C#, and other languages.

Hiring Hanna Shnaider as one of Fortyseven software professionals is also a great option because she can carefully take care of the nitty-gritty of your project.

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