Israeli Startup Begins Operations at New Electric Motor Plant in India

By Sunil Sonkar
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Israeli Startup Begins Operations at New Electric Motor Plant in India

Electric vehicle (EV) industry is achieving significant milestones gradually in India and lately Israeli startup EVR Motors has revealed to have started operations at a new plant in Manesar. The development marks first manufacturing venture by an Israeli automotive company in the subcontinent. It represents a promising advancement in global electric mobility.


Israel-based EVR Motors holds a good name for innovating high power-density electric motors. Its motors are designed to be small, lightweight as well as cost-effective. The motors hence offer substantial reductions in manufacturing and assembly costs. Trapezoidal geometry coils are the core component of the motors. Such motors will be henceforth manufactured at the Manesar facility. The plant is operated by I.EVR Motors, which is a subsidiary of the Israeli startup. The initial production capacity is learned to be about 20,000 motors per month. Gradually, the production capacity is to increase to 100,000 units to meet the increasing demands for EVs in India as well as global markets.

The move is an strategic initiative and highlights the importance of innovation as well as collaboration in advancing electric mobility. EVR Motors has secured commercial agreements with key players in the Indian automotive industry. It ensures that the motors will soon be integrated into a variety of vehicles.

EVR Motors Chairman Nick Rogers described the expansion as a major milestone. He said that the opening of new manufacturing plant in Manesar marks a major milestone in their mission to transform electric mobility.

He further added that EVR Motors ensures a stable and robust supply chain. It simultaneously also reinforces commitment to vertical integration. The strategy is important for sustaining growth of the company in India and also worldwide.

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