Istanbul Hosts World’s First NFT Photo Awards

Combining photography and blockchain tech creates new art possibilities. We are just getting started in exploring this exciting world.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Istanbul Hosts World's First NFT Photo Awards

Recently, Istanbul hosted an event called Awards.Photos. It was the world’s first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) photography competition. Held on February 5th, 2024, the event was a big deal because it mixed traditional photography with new blockchain technology. It showed how the art world is embracing digital innovation.


Photographers from all over the world came to the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus hotel to compete. They wanted to win in six categories: Creative Concept, Human, Nature, Open Color, Open Monochrome and Travel. Some winners were Elina Garipova, Mehdi Nağaşzade, Ovi Pop, Rüstem Rakimov and Jie Fischer. Each of them took photos that showed their unique way of seeing the world.

But the event was not only about handing out awards. It also sparked discussions about how technology is changing art. Alex Atashkar, one of the organizers, said Awards.Photos is a big deal because it brings together photography, blockchain as well as the NFT art.

Parsa Haghighi, who started the competition, thinks Awards.Photos is changing how we think about photography. It is about letting photographers have more say in what they create. Ilter Yilmaz, who helps with the event in Turkey, said they want more artists to get involved with NFTs.

The event took place in Istanbul, a city famous for its rich culture and history. Awards.Photos shows how Istanbul is still a place where new ideas are welcomed. As technology keeps changing, events like Awards.Photos show us new ways to think about art.

Combining photography with blockchain technology creates fresh opportunities for art. It is about collaborating and experimenting. As we continue to explore this new segment, one thing is certain: we are only beginning.

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