Jaipur Farmer Launches Startup to Revolutionize Rural Veterinary Care

By Sunil Sonkar
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Jaipur Farmer Launches Startup to Revolutionize Rural Veterinary Care

Jaipur farmer Manish Prahlad experienced a devastating loss in 2019. His nine buffaloes suddenly died and the cause remained unknown despite seeking help from a local veterinarian. The incidence left him heartbroken and without his valuable livestock. He recognized the issue of inadequate veterinary care for farmers is widespread.


Manish was thereafter determined to improve livestock healthcare and in 2020 he launched “Verdant Impact”. His startup offers comprehensive services for livestock such as telemedicine, animal ICU, remote monitoring, cattle commerce and virtual veterinary consultations. His primary idea is to provide the farmers with veterinary care.

Manish is from Banswara and a drop-out of PhD course. He mainly focused on his mission to provide veterinary care to farmers. He highlighted the challenges faced by farmers including high transportation costs. He introduced a mobile app to help farmers get consultation from veterinarians by simply uploading photos, videos and descriptions of their animals.

His app features an SOS button to enable quick consultations within a 40 km range. His startup has established more than 10,000 telemedicine centers and onboarded more than 1,700 veterinarians across 16 states. The entire infrastructure handles over 2,500 telemedicine calls daily and the charges are affordable.

Manish also introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to help monitoring livestock health, location and medical history easily. His startup has positively impacted over six lakh farmers. Nearly 2 lakh farmers are benefited directly from teleconsultations. His startup has also improved livestock health by addressing issues like malnutrition.

The efforts of Manish have enhanced veterinary care and also increased the incomes of farmers by up to 40 percent. His startup generates revenue through cattle commerce, genetics care and health supplements. The annual revenue is Rs 8.72 crore.

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