Jammu Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute Encourages Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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Jammu Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute Encourages Startups

In a bid to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) is urging startups to register under the state’s dedicated startup policy. A meeting convened by the institute’s Director, Ajaz Ahmad Bhat, lately underscored the essential role that startups play in boosting economic growth, creating jobs, and driving technological innovations in the region.


Bhat emphasized on the steadfast commitment of the government in creating a conducive and sustainable environment for startups in the state. He said that entrepreneurs must seize the benefits provided by the Startup Policy, which can serve as a catalyst for their success. To avail these benefits, startups are being encouraged to register on the ‘www.startupjk.com’ portal.

He highlighted the importance of inclusivity and called upon faculty members and district officers to actively participate in increasing the number of registered startups. He stated that representation from all corners of the Union Territory, including remote, border and tribal areas is vital. The aim is to provide comprehensive guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs to facilitate a seamless registration process.

JKEDI serves as the nodal agency for implementing the J&K Startup Policy, which offers a range of incentives and benefits to startups. These include financial support, mentorship programs, access to infrastructure, office space, monthly allowances and assistance for research and development. The policy also covers energy assistance, patent filing cost reimbursement, tax benefits and exemptions among others. These measures are basically designed to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses and promote economic self-sufficiency.

As the state endeavors to nurture a thriving startup culture, the support and commitment from JKEDI are crucial in paving the path for the success of emerging entrepreneurs in the region.

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