Japan the emerging country in Artificial intelligence

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Japan the emerging country in Artificial intelligence 1

All the things are becoming automated nowadays due to this to make the work less for human robots are introduced. Earlier the robots were given the specific task only and that specific task is done by those robots only but about year ago only we have got the first human-robot named Sophia which has almost all human emotions and after interacting in some interview people came to know that the robot era is not so far now and the technology that works behind the robots is artificial intelligence.


Many non-technical people wonder what exactly artificial intelligence? well, it is basically transferring or making any machine that has the human thought process and works accordingly and the field of Artificial Intelligence is getting wider and growing day by day.

Japan is the country which always impresses the world by the innovation and thus they are currently working majorly on the artificial intelligence based projects and in fact, they have started using many different kinds of robots in their daily routines such as Google home and the Amazon Alexa which helps in normal reminders, playing music, googling and the to-do list on the daily basis, while others are explained below and some other consequences are explained in further ways.

Why Japan is emerging in AI and robots?

In fact, one of the facts that Japan is leading in the robotics field is they have started making robots in ending of the 19th century and using them in either or other way and thus in the field of robotics and its innovations no one can beat Japan. They have developed robots which can interact and communicate in Japanese for them, they also have Robot restaurants and hotels where the whole hotel is run by the robots only even from the receptionist to the waiters for the serving purpose. Even Japan has more patents in artificial intelligence than other countries over the world this shows how the fastly the field is growing towards the robotics, firstly the idea of robots was developed  to do the task that risks human life, the task that is time-consuming but can be done in less time if robots involved in that task.

where will be the robots can be used in future?

Nowadays we have robots not only for critical tasks but also to make life easier more and more, robots for the surgery assistance, for the hospitality,humanoid robot that exactly understands human language and accordingly communicates even it also gives the answer that you ask for, it can be your reminder for the events and your to-do list, in future we will also get the customize robots that can understand what you want even advice you in your critical situation apart from that it can also help and maintain your healthy lifestyle including your food.

We will also have cooking robots and household robots soon that will help to maintain your home, even in the office work you will be helped by the robots, in the medical surgeries you doctors will be assisted by the robots.

Not only that but Japan is introducing the sex robots which will be used for the sex purpose by the humans, this sex robot can be customized according to the owners choice and can also change the setting. In the recent news it is said that Japan is also planning to have the robots for the hospitality purpose in the Olympics 2020 where the sports person will enjoy the services and hospitality of the robots it can also be the test for the robots that how well they can do work for us, the whole world is looking forward to this.

Why robots should be manufactured with limitations?

Many people also questions that is it good to have robots for everything as there will be some cons side too, it’s ok to have robots for the critical tasks which risk the human lives but to do every task is not a good idea as this will lead to unemployment more we human will have to be dependent on robots at one point of time also not everybody can afford a robot at their home this can lead to create more gap line between the high class and middle class societies and even people may faced the diseases due to the less workload and laziness and due to the loneliness in people it may turn up into depression which can cause the life loss of the humans.

So if the interaction with the people should also be maintained and with the robots equally the balancing will be needed to avoid problems such as life loss. In 2017 we have heard about the news that 4 robots killed 29 Japanese scientists this incidence has shocked the world of robotics and it is the major concern that what if they kill all humans they can be the reason of the human destruction in the world.

why robots can be harmful?

One incidence has been reported by One lady named  Linda Moulton Howe which is Journalist and conspiracy theorist by profession claimed in 2018 at Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles that 4 robots killed  29 Japanese scientists, it was a laboratory where the military purpose related robots are in the manufacturing mode and during this the shooting takes place and these killed the 29 Japanese scientists. so it is important to take care of some major issues like this so it doesn’t destroy humanity in the world and disturb the world peace.

In a nutshell, it can be said that everything has pros and cons, and thus robots also have it. Japan will be the one country which will be giving us the majority of the robots in the near future and they will not increase its value but the market value of Japan will also be increased in the world. but several majors should also be taken care of so that this type of incident doesn’t take place in the future. This automation is good in some aspects but there should be some restrictions added to it so that destruction should not take place.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and the private area have attempted to get their organizations against cyberattacks — from the two people and different governments, and the degree of danger going from disturbance to a foundational breakdown bringing about annihilation past the internet. Since the pandemic began, programmers have exploited the expanded utilization of advancements, as individuals are interfacing distantly to proceed with the same old thing. Against this background, governments are worried throughout the up and coming age of media communications foundation and equipment, and potential weaknesses that may come whenever bought from Huawei. Lines are being drawn and there is developing rivalry to lead in innovations dealing with the world’s correspondences and data. Alongside it is the advancement of an arising field: computerized reasoning (AI) and AI.

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