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Japan’s Technology is on the way to create World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Japan has been leading the world of innovations for some time now.

Hence, it comes as little surprise when they announce themselves to be the pathfinder in taking things a step ahead in the world of computing and supercomputing. The challenge of technology is to produce the future and they are very successful in doing so. Since manufacturers and others alike have to deal with humongous amounts of data, the challenge is to make sure that computing does not cease because of the data load that plagues everyone.

Moreover, this is something that benefits almost everyone. So, various ministries such as economy, industry and trade have joined hands to take up this humongous project of doing an absolutely brilliant innovation. They are also aware that Japan is facing stiff competition from various sectors in becoming the unquestionable number one in this sector. Hence, people are seeing this to be a move to ensure that Japan regains its spot and remains there firmly forever. South Korea and China are surely the fiercest competitors by a margin.

The best engineers in the country have set out to do a fascinating task. The task is to make sure that the computers can handle as much as 130 quadrillion calculations each second. This is surely an insane number; but the scientists have taken it up as a challenge and the deadline also seems to be very demanding. The ministries want the project completed by next year so that China does not get time to innovate further and counter them in this regard. The world’s fastest machine is coming to Japan pretty soon and every single person looking after this project is extremely excited.

Japan is surely using some of its lost glory to revive the scenario since it has been the abode of technology for some time now. Once upon a time, they used to give stiff competition to USA. China, although has affected the scenario heavily, is not perpetual in the race and Japan’s extremely expensive effort may just yield result. This innovation alone is enough to get all the businesses that concern it.

For the innovation, Japan is using a unique technology called artificial intelligence combined with deep learning technology that has been in the field for some time now. Processing algorithms in an artificial neural network, such technology enables fast data transfer. The swiftness of it is unimaginable. So, computers can handle multiple tasks and analyze the necessary data at hand simultaneously like our brain in multitasking scenario. They are using Google’s innovation of deep learning too so that they can at first leave South Korea behind.

For China, they have other plans since China has developed almost everything by itself and help in keeping all sorts of records. However, Japan is planning to outsource this innovation to gain maximum profit. Corporate giants will surely pay millions of dollars for this brilliant breakthrough and it is precisely how they are looking to recover the invested money. So, you no longer need to export data for processing to big names such as Google. Rather, Google may come to you if you have such a powerful processing machine. While this is still at the level of planning, many of the big names want to get involved since they see this as an opportunity to get some share.

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