Jharkhand CM Ensures Complete Support to Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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Jharkhand CM Ensures Complete Support to Startups

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has pledged to offer complete support to startups in the state. He ensured at the ‘Srijan’ Startup Conclave lately. The event was hosted by the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries at the Aryabhatta Auditorium, Ranchi University. He outlined the vision of his government for economic growth and employment generation in the state.


The CM emphasized favorable disposition of Jharkhand toward industries. He highlighted the need for investment to create job for the people in his state. He said that businesses had earlier thrived for generations in the state and they are familiar with the local economic, social and geographical landscape.

Soren acknowledged the lag in startup promotion and announced the commitment of his government to rectifying the issue through a startup policy. The focus of his administration is mainly to transform the state into a fertile ground for startups. This in turn will help in the creation of employment opportunities for the youths.

Jharkhand has been a cornerstone of India’s industrial sector. Giants like Tata and Birla have set up operations post-Independence and some of the major entities are Coal India and Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited. However, decline has been witnessed over the time and closure of many industries. This led to unemployment and economic stagnation.

The Soren government is determined to lay a sustainable foundation for future industries. The foundation is said to ensure long-term benefits for the people in the state and foster an environment where industries can survive and thrive across generations.

Soren assured that the government is ready to implement constructive suggestions from the Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries. He reinforced the commitment to collaborative progress.

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