Jivi MedX Emerges as World’s Best Healthcare AI, Beating GPT-4 and Med-PaLM 2

By Sunil Sonkar
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Jivi MedX Emerges as World’s Best Healthcare AI, Beating GPT-4 and Med-PaLM 2

Indian healthcare startup Jivi MedX has gained immense popularity and lately has been crowned as the best healthcare AI in the world. It has even surpassed some of the most popular AI models including OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Med-PaLM 2. It has grabbed the top position on the Open Medical LLM (Large Language Model) Leaderboard.


Jivi MedX achieved an average score of 91.65 across nine benchmark categories and this was something highly satisfactory. The leaderboard was hosted by AI platform Hugging Face, the University of Edinburgh, and Open Life Science AI.

The test of Jivi MedX was tough and included medical exams such as India’s AIIMS and NEET, the US Medical License Exams (USMLE), and assessments in clinical knowledge, medical genetics and professional medicine as well.

Jivi co-founder Ankur Jain highlighted the impact of Jivi MedX on primary healthcare. He stated that the primary goal is to make high-quality healthcare accessible at a lower cost and round the clock. They aim to improve patient care through faster and more accurate diagnostics.

The success of Jivi is driven by a dedicated 20-member team of physicians, surgeons, AI engineers and data scientists. The team is developing technology to enhance accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare in the world.

Co-founder Sanjay Reddy stated that the mission is to specifically provide top-class healthcare to everyone. He expressed confidence in the capabilities of the platform. He added that Jivi is prepared to serve more than a billion people in the world.

The success of Jivi MedX is built on a vast proprietary medical dataset that includes millions of medical research papers, journals and clinical notes. The platform was trained using a special fine-tuning algorithm called Odds Ratio Preference Optimization.

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