JKEDI and T-Hub Collaborate for Startup Workshop in J&K

By Sunil Sonkar
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JKEDI and T-Hub Collaborate for Startup Workshop in J&K

The Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) lately organized a workshop for startups, innovators and incubators partnering with T-Hub Hyderabad in the Kashmir Valley. The event mainly focused on discussing the J&K Startup Policy 2024-27 and how to implement the policy effectively in the region.


JKEDI Director Rajinder Kumar Sharma shed light on the J&K Startup Policy and its guidelines to the participants. He emphasized the importance of feedback in making necessary adjustments in the policy implementation. He said various institutions should collaborate to achieve common goals.

Dr. Parvez Ahmad Mir, Director CIED, IUST; Shahid Ansari, Founder and Chief Editor of Startup Kashmir Magazine; and Shahid Mir from NIT Srinagar, CEO of iTBI Greenovator Incubation Foundation were among the notable attendees. They shared experiences and insights with each other.

The collaboration between JKEDI and T-Hub represents a significant step in promoting the growth of startups, innovators and incubators in the region. One of the primary objectives of the event was to create a supportive environment for the startups. It was basically to give them a platform where they can share suggestions and simultaneously enhance the startup culture in the region.

Akshita Kanthala, Head of Government Programs at T-Hub, highlighted the goal of T-Hub in building a futuristic startup ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir. She interacted with the participants and addressed their queries. She provided valuable feedback.

The event was well received by attendees and participants. Everyone praised the efforts of both JKEDI and T-Hub. The event was a good effort in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Attendees urged the government to expedite the implementation of the Startup Policy.

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