Juniper Expands Mist AI to Transform Data Center Networking

Juniper's Mist AI now handles data centers too, thanks to recent updates and their acquisition of Apstra's software in 2021.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Juniper Expands Mist AI to Transform Data Center Networking

Juniper Networks have upgraded their Mist AI platform to work with data center networks. This Monday, Juniper introduced some updates to its Mist AI. Mist AI is like a smart cloud system that uses big data, machine learning and other advanced tech to find as well as fix common networking problems. Notably, the expansion into the data center is made possible through software obtained from the acquisition of Apstra in 2021.


The Mist AI platform, now extended to Apstra, integrates a proven network-focused AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform with a multi-vendor data center network automation tool.

Analyst Shamus McGillicuddy from Enterprise Management Associates expressed, “Extending Mist to Apstra adds a proven network-focused AIOps platform to a multi-vendor data center network automation tool.”

Apstra, now under the Juniper umbrella, monitors both hardware and software configurations in the data center. It does not just find problems, but it also gives tools to check how changes might affect things before making them official. Comparable capabilities are offered by companies such as Arrcus, Forward Networks and Kentik.

The newest update comes with new stuff – two QFX switches and a PTX router. They are made for the computers in data centers that do smart things with AI and machine learning. These releases closely follow the announcement of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s intention to acquire Juniper for $14 billion.

Scott Marrone, IT director for the city of Parkland, Fla., a Mist AI customer, commented on the significance of this development, stating, “Giving administrators a tool to extend visibility past the Juniper stack is simply not something we see out of a hardware vendor, as they’re usually [focused on] their own equipment.”

In addition to these advancements, Juniper is set to launch Marvis Minis by the end of March, a wireless network monitoring feature that performs simulation testing of wireless connections to detect issues proactively.

Juniper’s latest hardware, including QFX switches delivering 800 Gb Ethernet and the new PTX router, is geared towards supporting AI and machine learning traffic.

With these updates, Juniper aims to provide a comprehensive solution for IT administrators, enabling them to be proactive rather than reactive in managing and optimizing their data center networks.

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