Kanpur gun factory develops ‘smart’ holster using 3D tech

Smart firearms safety technology not only prevent the misuse of a deadly weapon but also helps to prevent the accidental usage by teens and children, as well as reducing the use of a firearm against its owner if the firearm is stolen or taken away. Moreover, the Government of Indian which is owned by the Field Gun Factory of the Kanpur in the Uttar Pradesh has now recently developed a novel smart, smart biometric supported firearm holster called by the name as Kavach, which can only be used with the help of a fingerprint impression of its owner.

The gun factory has leveraged the 3d printing technology to design and develop the holster. The holster is a holder for carrying the handgun or some of the other firearm. A handgun holster is a device which is used to hold or restrict the undesired movement of a handgun

Kavach, which is the holster that has a biometrically opened lock, which according to the gun factory is a safer way to prevent misuse and theft of firearms.

According to Shailendra Nath, GM of Field Gun Factory, Kanpur, “We have designed a smart biometric firearm holster called Kavach, with the help of a private company Sri Hans Energy Systems Pvt Ltd, Kanpur and are in the process of launching it in the market. The smart biometric holster will act as a deterrent in case of misuse and theft of a firearm.”

A US-based startup which is called Biofire technologies is also developing smart guns as a mass manufacturable commercial product which uses a fingerprint sensor to unlock the firearm to use.


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