Karnataka Unveils AI-ML Integrated Software for Police

Karnataka's CM Siddaramaiah unveils smart police software with AI and ML during officers' meeting.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Karnataka Unveils AI-ML Integrated Software for Police

Karnataka’s Chief Minister Siddaramaiah just introduced new software with super-smart features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make the police in the state even stronger. It was shared during the annual meeting of top police officers.


The new Police IT-V2 software is like a super-tool for the police. It helps them do lots of things, like filing reports and solving cases, using really cool technology. What is even cooler is that it is designed with AI and ML, making investigations super thorough and smart.

There is a new app called ITPA Saral Mobile App and it is like a guide for the authorities to help victims of human trafficking. This app gives info about what documents are needed, the steps to follow, the laws that apply, and where to find shelter homes. It is like a helpful tool for the police to support people in tough situations. Human trafficking is referred to as a metaphor for ‘modern-era slavery.’

A notable collaboration with ChatGPT introduces the ‘Police Mitra’ Chatbot, serving as an AI-powered interface to efficiently address citizens’ queries on cybercrime, traffic issues, and concerns related to women, children, and senior citizens.

The newly implemented KSPAI (Karnataka State Police AI) software promises to revolutionize case analysis. By automating the process and utilizing AI and ML technologies, KSPAI breaks down case facts into sub-facts. Using an advanced AI model trained on extensive historical data, it can effectively identify applicable laws and case sections without requiring human intervention.

Further strengthening the tech initiative is an Economic Offences Investigation Software, incorporating AI and ML tools to analyze bank statements. This tool helps investigators find patterns and spot strange things, like mistakes or possible scams, in big sets of bank transactions. It is like a smart assistant for the police to catch any tricky business going on.

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