Karnataka’s ‘Elevate 2023’ Attracts Over 800 Startups

Karnataka's Tech Minister hails 'Elevate 2023' success as 817 startups join, boosting innovation in the state.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Karnataka's 'Elevate 2023' Attracts Over 800 Startups

Karnataka’s Innovation and Technology Minister shared the success of ‘Elevate 2023’ initiative. He said that a total of 817 startups have joined the program and this is a giant leap from six years ago. This is a positive step in the promotion of innovation and technology in the state.


‘Elevate 2023,’ a brainchild of the IT/BT department, operates under the Elevate/Idea2PoC scheme. The program is looking ahead to find some great startups from the state and help them get bigger as well as better by giving governmental support for their products or solutions. To be eligible for this support, startups must be registered in Karnataka, boast revenues exceeding Rs 100 crore since their inception and fall within a maximum age limit of 10 years.

Minister Kharge expressed the government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the growth of startups through a post on X. He added that the government is dedicated to help the state’s startups grow with their support.

In addition to the good things happening with the Elevate initiative, Minister Kharge shared plans to create a special place called the Centre of Excellence for Wireless and Wired Technologies in Bengaluru. This place is meant to be a center for doing research.

During a recent meeting held in Bengaluru, the state outlined its determination to emerge as a leader in connectivity. The new Center of Excellence will be crucial in helping Karnataka advance in technology. They aim to use the center’s skills to make the state even better in things like wireless and wired technologies.

Karnataka is doing a great job in helping startups and making them move ahead in technology. ‘Elevate 2023’ shows how much the state is committed to being innovative and growing.

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