Kenko and Tata 1mg Partners to Revolutionize Healthcare Access in India

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Kenko Health, an innovative health financing startup, has taken a significant leap forward in the healthcare sector by announcing a strategic collaboration alongside TATA 1mg. This partnership holds the potential to reshape healthcare accessibility and affordability for millions of individuals across India, introducing swifter and more streamlined healthcare delivery services that span a comprehensive array of over 20,000 postal codes.

Amid an escalating demand for accessible and budget-friendly healthcare essentials, the synergy between Kenko Health and Tata 1mg is especially timely. This dynamic alliance positions Kenko Health to expand its footprint and serve its esteemed clientele by presenting an extensive assortment of indispensable medical products, wellness commodities, and cutting-edge healthcare devices from Shoho – The Kenko Store. Capitalizing on Tata 1mg’s expansive supply chain encompassing a network across 20,000+ postal codes, Kenko is poised to ensure impeccable and punctual delivery, culminating in an immensely gratifying experience for its patrons.

On this occasion, Nikhil Behera, Head – Business Operations, Kenko Health said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Tata 1mg, which marks a significant step towards our vision of making healthcare more accessible to all. By leveraging Kenko Health’s expertise in the healthcare industry and combining it with Tata 1mg’s extensive delivery network covering 20,000+ postal codes, we are confident that we can efficiently cater to the needs of our customers seamlessly. Both Kenko and Tata 1mg are not just shaping the future of healthcare financing but also fostering a healthier and happier society, where essential healthcare products are readily available to everyone.”


“By leveraging the strengths and USPs of both companies, we aim to enhance healthcare accessibility, affordability, and overall well-being for millions of individuals and families alike. We believe this partnership holds great potential in bringing positive changes in the healthcare space and promoting the idea of a healthier and happier nation, where quality healthcare is a right for all,” he added.

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