Kerala-Based Startup Hello AI Unveils AI-Powered Learning Platform for All Ages

By Sunil Sonkar
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Kerala-Based Startup Hello AI Unveils AI-Powered Learning Platform for All Ages

Startup Hello AI, based in Kerala, India, lately unveiled an amazing learning platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and help people of all ages learn and grow.


Known as, the platform is designed to provide students the power to learn about AI and data skills. It also helps them become better at self-learning. It is just like having a personal tutor powered by AI.

The exciting news was shared by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) and it stated, “This will help kids get ready for a future where AI is everywhere. They’ll learn all about AI and how to think critically.”

The first level is made available free, but the premium version helps in learning more and better. The platform tailors the learning experience to each student. It figures out what one need to know and helps to develop skills. It is believed to become a game-changer in the edutech industry.

Prasad Prabhakaran, the CEO of HelloAI, believes that AI is becoming a big part of lives of people and kids should learn how to use it responsibly.

HelloAI has earned some impressive awards including the Productization Grant from KSUM and the Seed Grant from Startup India. It has simultaneously grabbed STEM and KidSafe Certifications.

KSUM is a special agency created by the Kerala government in 2006 to help people start their own businesses and come up with new ideas.

In addition to its notable achievements, Hello AI has also garnered recognition on the international stage as a finalist among over 800 startups. They are set to participate in the prestigious Learning Tools Engineering Global Competition, scheduled to take place in the United States of America during the last week of September.

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