Kerala Startup Mission Sparks Global Connections for Local Innovators

By Sunil Sonkar
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Kerala Startup Mission Sparks Global Connections for Local Innovators

Kerala is quickly becoming a hotspot for innovation with its startup ecosystem gaining unexpected prominence on the global stage. Lately, local startups in Kerala have been scoring big deals with international partners and putting the state on the global innovation map.


Among the standout successes, Sastra Robotics has orchestrated a groundbreaking agreement, exporting 150 robots to a prominent UK IT company. Meanwhile,, an agri-tech marvel hailing from Kalady in Kochi, has captured the attention of the UK for its cutting-edge farm technology. Fuselage Innovations, triumphing in the AgriTech4 Innovation Challenge in Uzbekistan, adds yet another feather to Kerala’s cap.

Leading this big change is the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), guiding local startups to global recognition with programs like ‘Global Exposure’ and ‘Corporate Connects.’ Anoop Ambika, the CEO of KSUM, says these programs are key to helping startups go global. The Global Exposure Programme, in particular, provides a platform for startups to showcase their products at various international events, fostering global connections.

Richard Joy, co-founder of, says these programs and good mentorship are making a big positive difference.  “KSUM has adopted a proactive approach in providing global exposure. For instance, KSUM facilitated our participation in various events held in Dubai and Israel,” he notes.

In Kerala’s startup story, success stories like CareStack stand out brightly. This dental software company from Kerala went global, not just succeeding but also drawing attention to the state’s startups with a noteworthy market value.

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