Kerala Startup Unveils State’s First E-Health Kiosk

By Sunil Sonkar
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Kerala Startup Unveils State's First E-Health Kiosk

Versicles Technologies, a startup in Kerala, has introduced the first E-Health Kiosk in the state, called Prognosis, to make healthcare more accessible. This advanced health kiosk quickly and accurately checks basics like blood pressure, blood sugar and heart conditions. All these at very affordable prices of course.


Prognosis has an easy-to-use touch screen with video instructions, making healthcare accessible to people of different languages. The kiosk houses state-of-the-art machines for measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, heart conditions through an ECG monitor, temperature via a wireless Bluetooth thermometer and weight assessment.

Versicles Technologies revealed that the kiosk, available at, not only delivers results in under a minute but also provides immediate recommendations in case irregularities are detected in an individual’s vitals. The special thing about Prognosis is that it uses an AI voice assistant for instructions in many languages.

The digital kiosk, Prognosis, can be put in different places like hospitals, offices, malls and gyms. Each kiosk is staffed by a certified nurse who can guide patients through self-assessments or periodic check-ups.

Kiran Karunakaran, the Founder of Versicles Technologies, wants to make basic health checks easier for everyone. The digital devices feed data into their cloud-based medical inference AI engine. He said that the kiosk can spot hidden conditions like heart issues and diabetes accurately.

Manoj Dethan, the CEO of Versicles Technologies, said the health kiosk is a new and advanced project that hospitals in the state can use. He also mentioned it acts as an info hub, giving users details about medical services, supporting the company’s goal of spreading health awareness.

Versicles Technologies, famous for its successful food kiosk called Vend’N’Go, is once again showing its dedication to creating new solutions for everyday life.

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