Key Stages of Video Production and Helpful Tips for a Production Agency in 2021

Key Stages of Video Production and Helpful Tips for a Production Agency in 2021 1

There are many different styles and techniques of video performance that leave their mark on video production. But in this article, we will outline the key stages that occur in most cases. So let’s go!

Video production can be a time-consuming process, but the payoff is definitely worth it. If you can figure out an efficient and sustainable way to create videos for your business, you can reap the rewards for a long time to come. The video production process consists of 3 main stages: preliminary preparation, which is the planning stage to determine your strategy and scenario for the video, production is the stage in which the video is filmed, and finally, post-production, which includes video editing, adding music, and other effects. Let’s walk through the process step by step.

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Firstly, you should collect all kinds of information and materials about your brand: study the current site, its content and visual design, look through presentations and a brand book, get acquainted with the competitive environment.

If you have your own YouTube channel, watch videos in order to better immerse in the topic.  After completing the stage of gathering information, the scriptwriter comes into play. Here you should already clearly understand what will be discussed in the video and how to present/advertise a product or service. If you need creative, catchy ideas with humor, this is one task. And if strict and constructive concepts with specific data are required, connect scriptwriters and copywriters specializing in business presentations to the project.

Based on the concept, the scriptwriters will write out the script in detail, decomposing each frame into numbering, visual sequence (a description of what will happen on the screen), narrator’s voiceover, timing and additional notes. After reading such a script, you will not only understand the structure of the future animation clip but also imagine how it all looks.

Then you should create sketches for each individual scene. This stage of video production helps to better understand the script and avoid additional edits and adjustments in the future.

The video production process is linear, that is, you should move to a new stage only after agreeing on the current one. But there are some stages that can go parallel to the main work on the project. Voice acting is one of those. As a rule, the voice acting is recorded immediately after you agree with the script.

The voiceover text is separately spelled out and detailed instructions are attached to how exactly this text should be voiced. The timing is being specified, in which the announcer must meet; examples that are similar in intonation and presentation; goals and objectives that are set for the video, so that the announcer understands what he is reading. 

Illustrations are developed immediately after the script has been approved. For 3D format projects, instead of storyboards, style frames are developed – static pictures that show the final level of graphics of an animated video.

Another step that only applies to 3D videos, compositing or layered editing and rendering is the process of creating the final image and animation using the software.

Depending on the level of the project, you can either select ready-made soundtracks for the video, or write a composition from scratch. After selecting the music, sound engineers supplement the visual range of the video with sound effects (sound design), make it more “lively” and energetic:

And the final of the video content production is checking the finished video product by the supervisor for the presence of both grammatical errors in the video sequence and technical ones. That’s all!

So Why Everyone Isn’t doing Video Production constantly? 

All things considered, video creation isn’t especially simple, or moderate besides. Numerous groups set out to add video to their showcasing procedure without having an unmistakable thought of how much it will cost them or a reasonable thought of the interaction — particularly pre-creation. 

Actually the main piece of the video creation work process occurs before the camera begins rolling. 

Similarly as with most things, you can’t make a knockout video without first making an arrangement of how you’ll make it. Regardless of whether a video creation group has on-staff creatives, they may not comprehend your vision or premise, and pre-creation is the place where you set up that picture. Setting aside the effort to prepare won’t just save you time, however cash, as well. 

Luckily, a lot of advertisers and creation administrators have just experienced the means and gained from their mix-ups. Here’s our convenient rundown of 20 video pre-creation tips that will save you a great deal bother. 

  • Sort Out Your Audience 

Regardless of whether you need better experiences from Google Ads or a more focused on record, sorting out and characterizing your crowd is the initial phase in any substance creation measure. In any case, don’t fall into the snare of accepting that every one of your clients need to see a similar substance. 

  • Showcase Your Message Crystal Clear

Although the significance of knowing your crowd and narrowing down an objective market is basic, obviously characterizing your message is comparably significant. At the end of the day, don’t attempt to pack everything into a solitary energized explainer video. 

  • Set a Realistic Budget 

Whenever you’ve characterized your crowd and your message, you need to set your spending plan. Neglecting to work out the monetary expenses during pre-creation is a decent method to coincidentally go over spending plan. Besides, dubiousness implies that it’s difficult to oversee assumptions. 

A few components of video creation are more expensive than others, which could prompt you over-promising however under-conveying — particularly in case you’re wanting to do an amazing job with your video content by including voice-overs or outsider meetings.

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