Key takeaways for Java developers in 2021

Key Takeaways For Java Developers In 2021

The software industry is one such environment where evolution is a common thing. A new innovative program can outperform any program that was useful before. For this reason, you needed to stay updated all the time in the software industry.

As a programming language, Java offers a versatile platform to software developers. Even in the year 2021, many cloud-based platforms still use Java as their core architect. If you are a Java developer, then you also need to learn a few other things to stay validated in 2021.

Roadmap for Beginner level Java developers in 2021

If you have decided to learn Java as a programming language then it is a good decision. It is a very simple programming language that you can learn with a little effort. Here are some basic things about Java that you should learn as a beginner-level programmer.

  • Core Java
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Java Testing
  • Knowledge on Databases
  • Design Patterns(GOF)
  • Desktop Application Development

You can consider this learning structure as the basis of Java. You cannot write any program in Java without learning these basic things about the program. After grasping this basic level you can aim for an advanced level of Java programming.

Roadmap for Advance level Java/ Java Enterprise Edition developers in 2021

After master the basic level of Java, you need to grasp Advance level Java or Java Enterprise Edition for real-world applications. Developing any real-world practical software is not possible without mastering this level. Here are a few things you need to learn to master Advance level Java or Java Enterprise Edition.

  • JSP and Servlets
  • JPA (The Java Persistence API)
  • JAX-RS
  • JAX-WS
  • Hibernate Framework
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot
  • Microservices

All of these Java applications have real-world use cases. Many top-level software companies regularly use Java in software development. Learning Advance level Java or Java Enterprise Edition can let you become a professional Java Developer. It can help you Job in the software development sector.

Necessary Tools for Java development

Along with an Advanced level of Java, you also need to learn to use different tools for programming. These tools will also let you do high levels of coding with less effort. Here are some necessary tools for Java development.

  1. Apache Maven
  2. Gradle
  3. Git
  4. Jenkins
  5. Eclipse
  6. Docker
  7. JIRA
  8. SVN
  9. AWS
  10. Kubernetes

In the year 2021, these ten tools have become necessary parts of Java development. Every Java developers need to learn to use these tools for higher-level software development. Most software companies won’t hire you unless you get familiar with using these tools with Java. Learning the use of these tools increases your job opportunity several times.

Real-world Application of Java in 2021

Java First came to the market for software development in the year 1991. Even after 30 years, this programming language hasn’t lost its relevancy in the software world. Instead, more software developers are learning Java and using this platform for better software development.

Currently, Java is often used for mobile application development. You have to know Java if you want to develop an app for Android Os. Similarly, you can also find Web-based Java applications in the cyber world. Web server application like Apache Tomcat is still popular in 2021.

Many Business enterprises also use Java-based applications. It is also popular in the scientific community. Java-based applications like MATLAB are often used for scientific research. In recent times, Java is also contributing a lot to Cloud computing because you can handle big data set easily in Java.

Why Java is so popular in 2021?

You would be surprised to know that learning java is much easier than other programming languages. Another benefit of Java is that it is object-oriented programming. With procedural programming, you can incorporate other codes easily. It will help you scale up different features of the software.

However, many enterprises use Java for only security reasons. Compared to other programming languages the security architecture of Java is much more reliable and secure. As a result, Hackers have a hard time breach a program written in Java.

Even after 30 years after its launch, Java hasn’t lost its relevancy in the cyber world. Over the period, people have developed new tools to increase its usability. As a result, Java is still a very popular programming language in the world. You can use this coding language to create new software and revolutionize the tech industry.

Many people learn, Java as a programming language because it offers better job opportunities. For this reason, many students learn Java along with their other studies. After leaning this programming language most of them find employment in good software developing companies. You can also try programming with Java and explore the new world of possibilities.

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