Key Technology changes in Supply Chain

Key Technology changes in Supply Chain

Gartner the industry analyst said that there are almost two thirds in supply chain profession to grip on technology that holding the main key of for securing the actual competitive majority. To enhance the growth an organization must find out how to the potential that can be used as cases like how the technology will be worked while actual practice.

In recent time the industry is doing all sort of experiments along with technology and keeping eye on supply chain performance that it should be enhanced. All these points are going to tell more about becoming good at supply chain profession :

IoT and Connected Devices

Lots of consumers are growing through Internet of Things and Connected Devices, like fitness trackers and digital locks, these are playing an important role in their lives.

But till now supply chain industry has not seen such IoT or connected devices piercing beyond halls demos and dates.

Machine learning technology

Machine learning is becoming more real these days as compared to manual learning, mature algorithms increasing the decision making and even solving more problems in just a few years ago.

IoT is growing more data availability, even if location of shipping containers to wear and tear in the factory machines. There will always great chances for machine learning to play an impressive role

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR)

This is going to be the biggest change in next few years, VR and AR are now working to roll out from their hyped journey and going to forward to the brightest star in the industry.

Now business is working to know the exact what kind of technology should be used. These technologies have the power to better the employee force.


Industry is facing the actual buzz period about blockchain in this time, the mainstream technology is hitting the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry.

This is going to be the big impression on the supply chain industry, this will have the tendency to track products with digital records.

Cognitive Robotics

People have started to get more confident about the idea of robots, predefined roles in the supply chain. Now we are in the time to make platform and take it to next level, for being the change we need to build such surrounding where robotics devices have full, indulging into conversation. This takes time but soon we will have such surrounding in future.


Written by Kashti Mishra

Technology Analyst of the team .. Holds the Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from Amity University. She handles the IOT, AI, ML, Cloud,Mobile Technologies related analysis for Techiexpert ,

kashti can be reached at [email protected]

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