Kicking-off the World’s Biggest Blockchain Hackathon

Kicking-off the World's Biggest Blockchain Hackathon 1

The 21st of November has been marked as the beginning of the India first Blockchain revolution with the launch of the World largest Blockchain hackathon, that is Genesis Hack. After being organized by the International Blockchain Congress, Genesis Hack incentivizes and encourages the developer community in India to engage the blockchain technology. IBC Media has officially kickstarted the hackathon at a press conference which is organized at the 10K NASSCOM startup Warehouse in the Bangalore, India.

The launch of the Genesis Hack was graced by the presence of the India Biggest Blockchain dignitaries and press, IBC Media Team and the entrepreneurs. It put the spotlight on the India potential to solve the blockchain technology biggest drawback, the lack of developer expertise and talent.

Highlights of the Genesis Hack Launch

The launch event comes up with the multiple movements where India Blockchain experts shared their thoughts and beliefs in the prospect of the Genesis Hack. This insight came after the discussion about the possible fate of the Blockchain technology and some of the opportunities that it brings.

“Blockchain has the highest potential of growth not only from the dimension of industry but that of jobs as well. It comes with given global opportunities.”; Abhishek Pitti, CEO, Nucleus Vision.

“Genesis Hack is a stage that provides the developer community of India wider opportunities and tools to build globally applicable blockchain-based solutions.”; Abhinav Ramesh, Founder of Murmur.

“India is known for services, and that should be true for blockchain as well. Everybody believes that the next wave of technology, the next wave of developers will come from India. Genesis Hack can make that happen.”; Avinash Pitti, CTO, Nucleus Vision.

“The current blockchain developer community in India consists of hobbyists who have taken up the blockchain tech. The challenge lies in converting that hobby into a full-time career. With a platform like Genesis Hack, we are one step closer to achieving this.”; Anand Hariharan, Head of Product at HackerEarth

Genesis Hack will be going to be a 6 month long, offline and online Hackathon that will challenge the developers from all across India with the solving today’s blockchain problem.

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