Kony Continues its Magic for six years

Kony Continues its Magic for six years Techiexpert.com

Kony Inc. one of the best and leading solution provider company for digital application, they had announced that it will be named as Leader by Gartner at Magic Quadrant 2018 for Mobile App Development Platforms, which was positioned as most completed mission of Kony and got recognised by Gartner among one of the Leader in the field of mobile application development platforms for almost six continues years.

Being one of the largest solution provider for digital application will be only focusing omni- channels, Kony is serving best companies through various industries such as industry related to banking and financial, this also include health care  and energy sectors, retails, which have more than 250 million mobile users app worldwide even they are managing around more than 3.4 billion users in every year,

which is itself a milestone in the area of mobile app development platforms. This will immensely develop the idea of applying technology along with sentiments and various other kinds of industries, by putting all these together at single line it will benefit all the users through out the worldwide.

“When there will be a need of high- end digital platform a more broad line of some effortless expertise will be required through various other channels, on the other side more prolific should be ubiquity in mobile phones” said Thomas E. Hogan the chairman and chief executive officer at Kony Inc.  “ Kony is already giving all sorts of bench marks for various other digital channels, we will always remain constant and best till the end in the area of mobile app development as leaders and will maintain that leadership that is validated by Gartner for six years regularly.

According to Gartner, “ we should have the best quality to be best and those qualities are, to execute whatever you have decide, one should have the ability to execute and the other one is completing what you have imagined to achieve.”

Kony is a standard based and open app platform, which are integrated for mobile app development. Kony has all the support of software development life cycle (SDLC) and operation (DevOps) life cycle, even they are giving inspiration to all growing enterprises, they help in managing omni- channel app, build, deploy, design and developments as (Kony Visualizer) for best results.


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