KORE Partners mCare Digital to Launch mCareWatch for Enhanced Patient Safety

By Sunil Sonkar
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KORE Partners mCare Digital to Launch mCareWatch for Enhanced Patient Safety

Advancing technological landscape is a blessing to the healthcare system. In a significant development, Georgia-based IoT company KORE has partnered with Australia’s mCare Digital to launch its mCareWatch 241 smartwatch to boost patient safety and independent living. The two have combined their expertise to create the device that is more than the standard fitness tracker. It offers tailored features to the needs of patients and caregivers.


The mCareWatch 241 is a lifeline for those who require constant monitoring and support. It is equipped with an SOS setting for emergency assistance. It has GPS tracking and a heart rate monitor too. It ensures help is just a button press away.

The device is also equipped with some unique features like fall detection, geo-fence alarm and non-movement detection. All these add an extra layer of security. Hence, it is ideal for elderly users or individuals with health conditions that requires continuous observation.

One notable aspect of mCareWatch 241 is its comprehensive approach to patient care. It offers call capabilities and speed dialing. The feature is highly crucial during emergencies. Moreover, the pedometer and reminders promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The device encourages users to stay on top of their physical well-being.

The device can be seamlessly integrated with a mobile app or web dashboard. Hence, caregivers can now monitor the status of the wearer remotely. This is something a peace of mind to families and healthcare providers.

mCareWatch 241 is priced at $499 along with a monthly service plan. It is positioned as a premium product. However, it is a worthwhile investment considering the extensive range of features being offered in patient care segment.

mCare Digital co-founder Peter Apostolopoulos said that the new model reflects their commitment to providing innovative as well as reliable assistive technology.

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