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KPMG India Acquire AI Based Recommender Labs

KPMG India has reported the coming up with Mumbai-based AI-led decision facilities organisation known as the Recommender Labs. The coming up of KPMG is ready to assemble its own Centre of Excellence (CoE) making the best use of significant time in decision-science and AI-driven solutions.

The company is formulated to manufacture unique resources, allow a quick and easy go-to-market, and fabricate the capacity to react with AI-led contributions, by joining its abilities with that of Recommender Labs, wisely. According to the reports, Sanjaya Sharma, Founder and CEO of Recommender Labs is in talks to join the KPMG as a Senior Advisor.

Recommender Labs was founded in 2016 and since then it makes the use of enhanced AI abilities with perfect outcomes to take care of the users requirements and needs effectively.

Furthermore, the company allows the customers with custom implementation of Machine Learning(ML) systems and formulated frameworks with the customization of every client. Recommender Labs include their product values with the leverage of Universal Recommender Engine, Credit Risk Engine, Gamification Template, Recruitment Applications and even the Chatbot Authoring Framework.

This startup would thus, function effectively and closely to cater to the needs of its customers by developing the system formation and outrageous technologies.

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