Lanner Partners with Zededa For Cloud-Managed Gateway

Lanner Partners with Zededa For Cloud-Managed Gateway 1

Lanner Electronics, which is a global leader in the manufacturing and design of the network appliances, and industrial IoT gateways will now be going to demonstrate a joint solution with the Zededa at the IoT Tech Expo in the Santa Clara. Zededa has now developed an innovative cloud managed software solution which provisions, administers and secures the IIoT infrastructures.

The join between both of them validated white box gateway integrated with the Zededa real-time software which enables the connectivity and interoperability and connectivity on both the software and hardware levels in the energy, industrial automation, and retail chain applications.

After the launch in 2013, Lanner has introduced some of the new series of Industrial gateway products which is designed for key applications such as wireless connectivity, and edge computing and SD-WAN.

Lanner joint offering with the Zededa provides customers a complete cloud managed gateway solution and offered them with a central dashboard to manage their entire global device development with the help of any web browser. Some of the features like the zero-touch provisioning and one-click updates simplify the administrative tasks, while Zededa zero trust security model ensures the device integrity in the remote locations as well.

“As more data generating activities occur at the edge, organizations are going to increasingly need to move computer and processing power closer to those activities, resulting in a massive ecosystem of distributed hardware, and creating complexities to manage and secure those devices,” said Said Ouissal, CEO of Zededa. “By leveraging Lanner and Zededa’s joint solution, customers can remotely manage their entire edge hardware footprint, right out of the box, and be confident that at any point they have the visibility and control at the edge necessary to ensure their devices are secure, up-to-date, and operating as expected.”

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