Latest development on Trump decision on immigration

Latest development on Trump decision

Silicon valley has been home to some of the world’s biggest enterprises when it comes to science and technology, but things are going to change very soon as the new president Donald Trump has announced his new immigration policy.

Start-ups and their employees, majority of whom come from the various countries around the world, have faced an unprecedented blow to which they are now thinking of an alternative plan. A back-up plan is the need of the hour and it is precisely what they are going to do.

The new executive order confirmed from White House has surely made IT companies worrisome since it is clearly an attempt to overhaul the H-1B visa that is granted to thousands of employees around the world for temporary work in United States of America. This is clearly an attempt to thwart any attempt to coagulate the best engineering talents around the world to make sure that the best output is generated.

The point of concern

While the new policy is going to affect everyone very soon, the more worrying point is that the order has been coupled with an immigration ban on certain Muslim countries that has a fair share of employees in the various companies of silicon valley. Hence, before few more orders are ensued, IT companies want to make their ground firmer and it is precisely why the need for a backup plan has come up.

The backup plan

In case the order is executed perfectly, there is much concern among the companies and hence, some of the big names have come up with a suggestion to open subsidiary brunches in Canada and move their immigrant employees there so that such problems are not faced. The office is said to be prepared in Vancouver which is going to be the go-to destination for IT employees. In fact, a company has come up that will deal with this issue of immigration. Their package includes airfare, accommodation for two nights and a session with an immigration expert to explain you the situation better. This opens up a whole new horizon for the immigrant employees.

What this will lead to?

While the package is no doubt expensive, it surely resolves a major concern in the face of crisis. A single employee can now easily get to know what can be done to solve the deadlock that is this immigration crisis and think of a safer future in Canada. Irrespective of situations getting altered in US, the employee now have an alternative future of which he can think of.

In fact, the company, True North, says that they understand the concern of the immigrants since they have dealt with similar problems elsewhere, especially where things have gone out of hand. They have attended issues of North Korea and Syria, but they have never faced a bigger crisis than that of US in recent times and they took it to be an excellent opportunity to help out distressed people.

 Canada- the friendly neighbor

The president of Canada, Justin Trudeau has already declared a welcoming letter to the technological talents around the world. He says that Canada will be a safe destination for all those who want to enrich the country with contributions to all spheres. In fact, the new strategy allows you to be in Canada in parallel and look for a job even if you don’t have a job there immediately. So, even if you are not having a job right now in Canada, you are more than welcome to go there. Companies are looking for subsidiary branches and this may well be the right time to start your shifting plan.

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