Launchers Which One Should You Use ?

Android is customizable to the highest degree which is the reason it is so popular among its users. One of the core elements which is customizable on Android is the Launcher and there are tons of  options to choose from in the Play Store. But which ones are the best? Read on to find out.

  1. Nova LauncherNova launcher is hands down the best launcher to ever have existed. The sleek minimalistic and vanilla user interface is its core specialty, it’s light, it’s fast and it’s snappy which makes it the perfect launcher for anyone who wants speed as their first priority. It can be customized in a lot of different ways and supports a number of gestures. The Prime version also includes an unread count badge which tells the user if they have unread notifications on their device.2
  2. Google Now LauncherGoogle’s very own launcher which has replaced a lot of OEM launchers these days is fast, clean, simple and elegant. It also offers Google now on a left swipe and a very snappy UI although it doesn’t offer very high levels of customization but it is a dream comes to for the Android purists.3
  3. Action launcherAction launcher is a launcher for those who like Microsoft’s Windows interface on the PC, it has a slide out menu which gives options like the start button of a windows PC. All the apps are arranged in a list view and can be accessed whenever needed. It also has a unique approach to widgets which lets you swipe on the icon to launch its widget and tap on it to operate as a normal app. The launcher isn’t free though and only the paid version gets all these features.4
  4. Go launcherGo launcher is one of the oldest launchers in the play store and thanks to that it has a huge library of themes at its disposal. Now the launcher isn’t very snappy or fast or anything but it is certainly decent and can be given a try. It’s heavy and eats up memory so keep that in mind. Apart from that there is a ton of customization available to the launcher. Another downside though is its frequent interruptions which may feel like spam at times. The Go launcher also have a locking app known as the Go locker which along with go launcher can change the whole UI of your phone.1
  5. Arrow launcherArrow launcher, a product by Microsoft Corporation is another nifty launcher which bases its operation on prioritization. It arranges itself according to the frequency of use of apps and gives a fast way to access the content. If you drop a call it also prioritizes and puts it on the home screen in case you want to call the person back.



Written by Yash Khatri

A Business Management student from the small town of Nashik trying to make it large in the Tech blogosphere, Yash has a knack for Mobile technologies and loves to be in technology all throughout the day. An Avid Apple FanBoy and an Android loyalist a perfect oxymoron. Yash tries to live his life in the simplest of ways possible amongst the most complex of gadgets. A writer at the soul, an entrepreneur at the mind and an avid techie at heart.

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