Launching a “selling online” business: tips and pitfalls

Launching a “selling online” business: tips and pitfalls 1

The main advantage of selling goods on the Internet is the ability to work with virtually no start investments (not counting the purchase of goods). At the same time, such a business is not a means of quick earnings, as some enthusiasts believe. As in any other business, you need to work hard before your offspring brings real earnings. And how to start it and make it successful, we will tell below.

How to choose a product?

The main thing is to offer the most demanded goods. But how do you know what interests people in your country? To find this out, you can use SEO services with the selection of keywords. Enter the product you are interested in in the search box and click on the “Select” button.

The phrase “Inquires per month” will mean the demand for this product. Remember one rule: the cheaper the product, the more demand it must have. If you have chosen something for sale, but people searched for it only 50 times a month, then you need to think about another product.

Moreover, when choosing products for sale, don’t forget the following concepts:

  • The product should be mass-targeted rather than have a narrow audience.
  • It is important to choose not what you like, but what is in demand.
  • Use upselling – sell two related products together at a small discount.
  • Sell ​​in-demand or off-season items.

Where to get money to start?

If you have a small start-up fund, you can, of course, borrow money from friends or relatives, as well as go to the bank for a loan. But we offer you another plan of action:

  • Create a website with products, for example, using free website builders.
  • Place your site on free hosting.
  • Engage in its active promotion.
  • Go dropshipping if possible. Of course, earnings through dropshipping will not be high, but there are fewer risks.

It is possible to form the initial capital of a company without debts by attracting business angels. Business angels are individuals who invest their own resources in the development of other companies. They also act as mentors, providing information and guidance on how the company can grow. This assistance is provided free of charge. But to get it, you need to prove that your idea is viable.

Attend specialized exhibitions, leave business cards to industry experts (use card mockup to create some) and you may soon have impressive capital to start.

Launching a “selling online” business: tips and pitfalls 2

Supplier selection

You can order goods from wholesale suppliers. All you have to do is enter a query into Google and select the desired website. You can place orders directly from China.

If you use the first option and decide to order goods from wholesale suppliers, you will greatly gain in time. But there is one drawback – the price of the goods will be higher.

When ordering from China, the price of the goods is lower, and the delivery time is longer. Place orders through AliExpress or TaoBao. In this case, you will have to wait from several weeks to months. And speed and time in selling goods online play a key role.

To find a profitable supplier, look on the websites of competitors. There you can find photos with the manufacturer’s watermarks. And after requesting quality certificates or information related to warranty service, supplier data will pop up by itself.

Product advertising

Traffic can be obtained in a variety of ways: some are free, others cost a lot of money. In any case, you will need knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, otherwise, the investment will not justify the hopes.

Use advertising boards, Pinterest, contextual advertising, and targeted advertising. Also, don’t be ashamed to ask your friends for a promotion. Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool in 2022.

Final words

Selling online is available to everyone, because it doesn’t require special investments and doesn’t carry big risks, and you can make good money on it. The main thing is to develop a working earning scheme, find reliable suppliers and a courier service. Good luck!

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