Lessons Learned from Cloud Attacks in India

Nvidia's new custom AI chips for cloud computing signal a major shift. As cloud systems diversify, security becomes more challenging with numerous rules and user accounts.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Lessons Learned from Cloud Attacks in India

Nvidia’s choice to create custom AI chips for cloud computing companies is a big change in how things are done. As more organizations use different cloud systems, keeping them safe gets harder. There are lots of rules, changing permissions and too many user accounts, making it tough to handle security risks well.


Recent data from the 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights by PricewaterhouseCoopers International reflects heightened concerns among Indian organizations regarding cloud-related threats. Over half of the respondents expressed worries about potential cyberattacks targeting their cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, satisfaction with existing technology for securing the cloud remains modest, with a significant portion of organizations failing to consistently adhere to standard cybersecurity practices.

Cloud breaches are not uncommon, even among large enterprises. A notable incident occurred in June 2023, involving a popular Japanese automaker whose data was exposed online due to misconfigured cloud settings.

To tackle these problems, Indian organizations should focus on beefing up their cloud security. To do this, they can use special tools like CNAPP. These tools make sure that assets and apps are safe on different cloud services. CNAPP shows a clear view of security, making it easier to see and stop threats before they cause trouble.

When you are dealing with security on many cloud services, you usually use different tools for each one. This can make it hard to see the whole picture and find threats. But using one tool like CNAPP for all your cloud security makes things simpler.

Good cloud security needs everyone to work together smoothly – developers, DevOps, IT and security teams. CNAPP tools make this easier by adding security into the DevOps process.

With cybersecurity talent shortages looming large, organizations must automate cloud security tasks to alleviate workload pressures. CNAPP solutions offer automated visibility and context, enabling organizations to prioritize critical misconfigurations and optimize resource allocation effectively.

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