Leverage AI to revolutionize and advance healthcare

Leverage AI to revolutionize and advance healthcare

It is not a big secret that Artificial Intelligence is slowly but precisely making its mark in revolutionizing healthcare. There have been many studies and researches till now which show that AI algorithms can easily detect and predict the medical conditions in the patients which have made a huge difference in the treatment of a majority of patients.

Recently, there have been many studies where AI has been used to collect the data sets and then analyze them to find patterns which are usually too complex for a human to perform. As AI continues to improve, we thought to prepare a list of ways in which AI is being utilized to advance healthcare.

Decision Making

One of the best ways in which AI can be leveraged is by providing it with healthcare data so as to assess a patient’s health risks and to incorporate precise and early actions so as to avoid or reduce the impact of the oncoming diseases.

We all know that a normal human can try to analyze the patient data but it would take time and is likely to mix up data from two patients no matter how qualified he/she is. This is where AI comes into place and since it can be fed large data sets, there would be no problems in storing this large amount of data and then analyzing it to make quick and precise medical decisions.

Quick Diagnosis

Since AI has many useful abilities like facial recognition, pattern analysis, eye tracking, and so on, all of which make the visual reading easy for a medical provider, it can be used to diagnose difficult conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, rare disorders, etc. Since AI includes the ability to identify patterns, learn and make decisions, it can be used in healthcare to recognize the facial features of all the patients who suffer from a particular illness and then match those symptoms together to provide you with the correct diagnosis of the disease in a comparatively much shorter amount of time.

Store the Health history

It is not easy for the physicians to keep a track of the patient’s progress all the time and ensure that they are following their treatment plan which is why an AI technology will work absolute wonders. AI can be implemented in medical gadgets that can be used by the patient to keep a track of their health and the data stored will be directly provided to the medical provider to assess and determine if there are any complications or not.

Another great way in which AI is being used in healthcare is by collaborating the AI algorithm with smartphone’s camera in order to analyze the facial recognition of the patient to ensure that the medication is taken on time and to assess the patient’s behavior towards the medication over time.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We all know that medical practitioners often consult a patient’s history and present condition before providing them with a personalized treatment plan. While this process is accurate and provides the best treatment results, it has been made even simpler with the use of artificial intelligence. There are a lot of situations in which a medication might not be suited to patient’s genetics in which the treatment plan has to be modified.

The incorporation of AI in healthcare can help in storing patient’s entire history and diagnose their current condition and then use predictive analysis to make a treatment plan that would be suitable for them. Any new symptoms will be instantly registered by the AI system and a new treatment plan will immediately ensue.

All of these advances in healthcare with the help of AI will help in improving healthcare by a great deal and reduce the rate of mortality that is faced in the world due to the inadequate treatment of most illnesses. AI will help in identifying the illness, providing a pattern and predicting the exact treatment for it which make the whole treatment process streamlined and quick.

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