Lie detectors with AI technology

By Srikanth
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Lie detectors with AI technology 1

Lie detectors have taken a new turn in their advancement with the emerging technology. A UK startup company has used new technology improvements to detect the suspects’ feelings, emotions, and, reactions, which helps in the police investigate and solve any case with ease.


Facesoft, this UK startup has developed this AI based on the idea of the human brain and has a database of more than 300 million images of faces. The researches that created this neural network, which includes the member of facebook, twitter, apple, and company members published a report stating current algorithms aimed at helping police determine who should granted bail, parole or probation, and which helps judges by making sentencing decisions easy.

Facesoft has approached the Mumbai police and gave them a brief description of the functioning of the app by briefly explaining the concept. They added that the main reason for the invention and improvisation the facesoft is the increasing crime rate in India. They also explained about the working of facesoft in monitoring crowds to detect the suspect.

“If someone smiles insincerely, their mouth may smile, but the smile doesn’t reach their eyes,”  said the Co-founder and CEO Allan Ponniah, Facesoft. Their statement proved their intention of improvising the lie detector and the necessity of these devices in the modern era for the police to detangle the cases of both murder and mystery, helping the victims find justice. Not only in India, but Facesoft will also now set off in many other countries. This invention takes a new step of success in the AI field and technology.

Lie detectors were first invented in the year 1921, and they helped untangle many cases and made investigations easy for the police.

Lie detectors are popularly used in many different countries and have been improvising each decade to make the investigations much more comfortable.

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