The light bulb of the future is here and it can last a lifetime

The light bulb of the future is here and it can last a lifetime 1

How many intelligent persons does it take to create the light bulb of the future? Well, if we go by evidence, apparently it takes just one British man.

Jake Dyson, a British man and also vacuum titan James Dyson’s son, has gifted the world with the blessing of a light bulb capable of running for an astonishing 40 years or more. Yes, you read that right. I didn’t by mistake add a zero. The LED invented by Dyson is probably the cheapest, smartest, and the most environmentally-friendly light ever invented by mankind.

Jake Dyson Lighting, a company founded by Dyson in the year 2004, sells two models of lamps: the Cu-Beam, an overhead lamp, and the CSYS, a floor and desk lamp. Both these lamps are dependent on LEDs, which according to the innovative founder have been designed to survive a lifetime, but provided they don’t get overheated.

According to Dyson, the special LEDs are capable of surviving at their full potential, providing full brightness for a period of 40 years. But, even after these 40 years, the bulbs won’t become completely useless. They would still function, but just at a capacity that is approximately 70 percent of its original brightness/intensity.

The thing that makes Jake Dyson Lighting different from rest of the pack is that other companies are letting their bulbs heat up and die. While they could save the customers the tedious task of replacing the bulbs every now and then by making use of the heat-dissipating technology-they still prefer to adopt lower-tech choices.

According to Dyson, the reason behind this is also pretty clear. Since the market for disposable light bulbs is worth billions of dollars a year worldwide, manufacturers are not in favour of lighting products that can last a lifetime.

With the light bulb of the future, Dyson’s aim isn’t just to reinvent the light bulb, but attract people’s attention towards saving light, reducing waste and making Earth a greener planet.


Written by Kirti Sharma

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