LinkedIn partnered with GitHub to provide its users with 40 free courses

LinkedIn partnered with GitHub to provide its users with 40 free courses 1

LinkedIn has partnered with GitHub to facilitate its users with over 40 free courses, which will remain accessible until the end of March 2023. As per the sources, this partnership with Github will help the users in getting some practical knowledge and experience on the same hand.

About this partnership

As per the release, LinkedIn stated that whether you belong to the initiator or an advanced developer category, up skilling skills are critical. This is the major reason behind the linking of LinkedIn skills data and expert content with the latest GitHub. It facilitates hands-on practice technology to launch the new LinkedIn Learning with GitHub Codespaces integration. The new feature will help the software developers watch a course and get actual workplace-like practice from anywhere.

There is a long list of courses that will be free for a year, and all the users have to do is have good internet connectivity and a smoothly working laptop.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn came into existence in 2003, and since then, it has achieved much success. Nowadays, LinkedIn is one of the most popular ways of finding a job and getting in touch with professionals in the field that is similar to your interest. The organisation’s objective is to connect all the professionals living in the world so that they can help each other and, in turn, become more productive and yield more output. There would rarely be any company that is not available over the platform. After the creation of LinkedIn accounts, the candidates can make the big decision of whether they are worthy of the job or not. LinkedIn has created a formal digital space for people that can be helpful for many individuals in finding the best employment opportunities without facing any trouble. People can also communicate with experts in the field and know everything they want to know about. All this can be done by just sending a standard formal text to the person and connecting with them later on over a call.

About GitHub

Over the globe, numerous individuals need to be made aware of Github. This article will help you to know more about the company. The company, Github came into existence in 2007 and is used to plan, build ship, and secure software. Github helps facilitate an end-to-end developer platform, which is crucial in growing any business. Many reputed companies depend intensely on Github’s services for efficient growth and prosperity. Let’s talk about the features or characteristics of Github.

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