Linkedin launches document ads.

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Linkedin launches document ads. 1

Over Linkedin, the new range of tools and functionalities are designed to manage campaigns so that they can be enabled by marketers. They manage the features that are helpful in keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape and rapidly speed up the process.


This new feature has been launched by LinkedIn, especially for marketers, that would help them reach a new audience in a more effective way while activating data in new ways.

Conversion Measurements

The role of offline conversions is to enable marketers to connect offline conversions. Generally, they use to keep track via other tools directly to LinkedIn. By using this measurement, one can manually upload CSV files directly to the Campaign Manager or leverage a LinkedIn Marketing Partner. Some of the supported partners are Adversity, HubSpot, LeadsBridge, LiveRamp, and Make.

LinkedIn will automatically incorporate the offline data into aggregate reporting on ad conversions by facilitating a more holistic understanding of the marketing. This impacts lower-funnel business outcomes.

Audience Insights

Along with the above-mentioned roll outs, LinkedIn also launched free audience insights within Campaign Manager. The manager is going to help pinpoint the needs of the audience in order to achieve better results.

The tool is available for matched and already saved audiences. The tool generates aggregated insights about the audience based on their activity, such as engaging content, job titles, years of experience, seniority, locations, company names, industries, and more. Optimization of targeting is also provided by the insights. They can also inform content strategy and tactics and discover an audience that already exists on LinkedIn.

Document Ads

The designing of document Ads is done in such a way that it can repurpose the best, most in-depth content to accelerate interest across the funnel.

The new ad format allows marketers to promote long-form content directly in the feed section of members. These members can then read and download whitepapers, case studies, and reports without having to leave the platform. The documents can be shared freely to create awareness and grow thought leadership or gate the document with a Lead Gen Form to capture high-quality, interested leads.

Media Library

The new LinkedIn Media Library enables advertisers to create ads in an easy way by providing a single location for uploading, storing, managing, and selecting all media they use for a single image and video ad.

Advertisers can create up to 5 advertisements at once. To create the ads, select the image or video they want to use from the media library. Since any marketer with the necessary permissions can access an account’s media library. It makes the collaboration of teams within a single account easier.

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