Lip reading to authenticate Passwords

Lip reading to authenticate Passwords

Speech recognition has been there for some time now, but lip reading is surely taking innovation to another level which reminds one of HAL 2000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey. So much so, password verification can be done using such technology which is a new level of security concern as well development. Of course, the basic premise to this conversation is that the platform will be language independent which leaves it to the mercy of movement of lips and its detection. Such innovation is surely providing temporary relief in the context of security measures and corresponding complex passwords.

Password woes eliminated

One of the basic benefits of this process is that you can now use a big password without having to write it again and again. Moreover, the usual complexity that most passwords require, especially mixing of letters symbols and cases, will no longer be valid when it arrives. So, you can use simple phrases as passwords without letting anyone know. There are many devices to perform the reading including the front cameras or your mobile phone or the small laptop cameras on your laptop screen. Of course, the arguments are there; but this is undeniable to say the least.Lip reading to authenticate Passwords

Different people, same word

The power of lip recognition has surely shaken some previous assumptions about passwords. Of course, two people giving the same password can be really dangerous. However, even if you know the password, you can never access the account. It is because, your lips don’t move the same way as the account holder’s and that makes all the difference in the world in terms of password recognition. Hence, security becomes simple and yet, stringent as lips become an important part of this process where even lip textures will be considered by the developers in this context.

Impossible to mimic

Another obvious problem that people throw up regarding this is the mimicking of voice and lip movement. However, it is not merely movement or voice that is of concern here. Even if the person speaks with exactly the same movement, the simple difference in texture will be enough to differentiate. In fact, researchers demand that this is a much better method than speech detection which can easily be morphed and distorted by background noise. In fact, they are claiming it to be much safer than any human intervention in security processes till date.

Mouth is the focus

Their focal point is not just the lips, but also the mouth and its change of shape while articulating the words. While face detection is extremely difficult, this may be the simpler way to ensure better safety and easy methods to access secured networks. Of course, you can also store your password in the form a sound wave and eliminate the frequency mismatches that can occur in this process. So, even if you are password is the simplest of all, it becomes unbreakable as it is stored through unique set of variables that correspond to the way you speak beyond voice.


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