Live Streaming for Beginners: Benefits and Techniques for Engaging Your Audience

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Live Streaming for Beginners: Benefits and Techniques for Engaging Your Audience 1

As a business, you need to leverage live streaming to your advantage! This powerful content marketing strategy can help build relationships and drive sales.


The challenge? One knows how your viewers like to interact with live video. That’s why having an understanding of live event streaming is the key. If it does not meet the audience, it won’t be successful in creating results.


What is Live Streaming?

The Advantages of Live Streams

Best Practices to Maximise Engagement with Live Streaming


What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is an increasingly popular way to connect with online audiences. Through screen sharing, individuals can interact in real time, creating experiences that capture viewers’ attention.

From TV broadcasts and video gaming to social media content – there are many possibilities for engaging through live streams. With multiple live-streaming platforms, it has become popular for businesses.

The Advantages of Live Streams

Here’s how live streaming works:

  • Create a sense of urgency – Video streaming is a powerful way to foster FOMO and inspire your audience not to miss out. Take advantage of the urgency it creates – current video will always be more relevant, so live streaming gets people talking about you now.
  • Real-time engagement – Streaming is much more than what a premade video can offer. It creates a great connection with viewers while boosting brand recognition on a global level. It will also help spread your message and foster loyalty towards you as well.
  • Repurpose content – Take advantage of live videos to get more content for your business. After you finish a stream, repost the video on social media and get instant video-on-demand.
  • Cost savings, and it’s easy to use – Streaming offers significant cost savings compared to traditional events such as conferences or workshops. You don’t have to worry about travel costs or venue rentals. What you need are a computer and a stable internet connection. It’s convenient for you and your customers and audiences.   
  • Enhanced collaboration opportunities – Live streaming process also provides enhanced collaboration opportunities between teams and departments within your business. This makes it easier for anyone to work together on projects without having to spend too much time away from their desks.

Best Practices to Maximise Engagement with Live Streaming

A video stream can be invaluable for engaging with your audiences in real-time. Let’s look at the best practices of your live stream.

Choose an engaging and relevant topic.

Numerous topics could make for an engaging and relevant live stream. Hence, you can choose these topics:

  • Q&A Sessions – This type of topic allows your audiences to get their questions answered directly by you. It also encourages engagement and builds trust. Plus, it’s relatively simple to set up—all you need is a platform for streaming and a list of questions from your viewers.
  • Tutorials – If you have expertise in a certain area, consider using live streams to share that knowledge with your viewers. Tutorials can be anything from how-to videos to detailed explanations. Just make sure that whatever topic you choose is relevant to your audience and provides real value.
  • Interviews & Discussions – Inviting guests who have interesting insights or stories will keep your viewers engaged. Also, feel free to switch up the format every once in a while, so things don’t get stale.

There are plenty of engaging live-stream topics—you have to get creative!

Choose the right live-streaming platform

Live video streaming has changed how you share and consume content. When looking for the right platform to use, it is important to think through the streaming setup for beginners.

Let’s take a look at what those factors are.

  • Type of streamer – Are you an individual or a business? Different platforms have different features and restrictions based on their intended use, like Facebook live. The best live-streaming platform has video analytics and customer support, making it ideal for businesses.
  • Streaming quality – Video resolution plays a role in determining how enjoyable your viewing experience will be. That’s why make sure you do your research before signing up for any particular service.
  • Content restrictions – Consider any content restrictions that may apply depending on your chosen streaming software. For example, some platforms are more strict in regard to copyright infringement. Others may allow certain types of content but prohibit other types of content altogether.

Interact with your viewers

Before going live, you must have a plan of action. It’s a good idea to have some questions ready so that you can get feedback from your viewers during the stream.

Additionally, encouraging participation from your viewers will help create an engaging experience for both you and them. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Ask open-ended questions that encourage conversation and allow sharing of different points of view.
  • Invite your viewers to leave comments or ask questions about the topic at hand.
  • Don’t take the feedback personally.
  • Use feedback as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and grow as a presenter/host of future streams.

Promote your live stream

If you want people to tune in and watch your live stream, they first need to know about it!

Start streaming and consider promoting your stream across different platforms. Make sure to post reminders leading up to the broadcast to get potential viewers.


Now that you understand the benefits and techniques of the live-streaming business, it’s time to try it.

Live streaming is a way to connect with your audience in a personal and engaging way. With a little practice, you’ll be able to build an engaged following of viewers who can’t wait to see what you have.

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