London now has a dedicated IoT network

United Kingdom’s London can now boost about having a dedicated city-wide Internet of Things (IoT) network. After London, a similar rollout of the network is in the pipeline for all major cities of the country.

The network in question is being spearheaded by a startup incubator named Digital Catapult. The Things Connected network consists of 50 long-range wide-area network (LoRaWAN) base stations that are scattered all around London and are free to be used for Internet of things devices. LoRaWANs are considered extremely power efficient in nature and are capable of connecting devices over a range of around 10-15 kilometres.

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According to Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult, the main aim behind rolling out Things Connected network is to help remove the currently present barriers to IoT technology for businesses. Along with this, they also want to help create new revenue opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as smaller and larger companies.

The startup incubator leading the network is quite optimistic that the new network can help in jumpstarting the creation of IoT-based businesses in London and elsewhere with embedded devices connecting data from sensors monitoring traffic congestion, air quality, pedestrian footfall and movement, and so on.

According to Digital Catapult, the IoT network is also capable of optimising delivery drones. It will be able to achieve this by logging wind speed and turbulence data from sensors installed across the city of London.
It is interesting to note that London isn’t the first city to have been covered by an IoT network. KPN, a Dutch Telco, has been credited for connecting The Netherlands with the completion of a LoRaWAN network this year in July.

The LoRaWAN standard was developed last year by LoRa Alliance, which is an industry body of companies and organisations involved in Internet of things networking.

Let’s see how the network works out for London. If it does go well, it would surely be a breakthrough for the IoT industry.

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