The Long Rise of HPC in the Cloud

The Long Rise of HPC in the Cloud

HPC is surely creating new grounds and the recent availability of its applications and infrastructure across various platforms has opened a window of opportunity that allows the users to try this technology without a big investment. Moreover, if they are satisfied, they can internalize the infrastructure and enhance the computing limits.

In fact, you can now deploy HPC clusters of limitless scale anywhere- cloud, on premise or in a hybrid way. In short, flexibility and affordability are two factors that have given HPC the lead in the cloud business. Even the tech giants have realized the potential and trying to implement them.

New turn in cloud

Now that hardware is aplenty and options are ever-increasing, cloud providers are having a field day where they can match all sorts of demands from user community and make sure all sizes fit a single, flexible model. In short, HPC is in demand precisely for its flexibility. Platforms built around it are developing specific products using HPC use cases. A wide range of activities ranging from computing to networking are being done using real HPC in cloud. It maximizes performance and hence, is inviting attention from non-HPC users too who always look for high throughput.The Long Rise of HPC in the Cloud

HPC-specific technology

Adoption of HPC is increasing no doubt, but more importantly, it is only going to increase if there is a proliferation of public cloud systems which will aid furthermore in high performance computing. Basically, distributing workloads in smart ways is no longer an unknown subject. Moreover, HPC-specific hardware is becoming increasingly common for users of public cloud and the day is not far away when cloud cores will be mushrooming for HPC. So, dealing with large scale problems is easier than ever making performance a greater priority than price.

A change in scenario

Now that HPC is widely available, HPC engineers and users are all engaging and developing new applications that will change the technology scenario altogether. Also, a growing awareness about cloud and its infinite utilities are coming to front, making people go for HPC as a converging procedure. Of course, cloud is not a shoe that fits everyone, but a growing number is noted and it will only explode in a few years’ time. Of course, there are differences of interest among traditional users and newer ones where traditional ones prefer to keep the clusters internal.

Enhancing cloud simultaneously

Huge amount of grants are being invested institutionally to enhance cloud and ensure that more data can be worked with in parallel connections. In fact, the research also entails a focus on enhanced networking so that seamless coordination between various workflows can be organized. The most diverse types of data arrive at the cloud, so flexibility is a major concern for all and one needs to support all kinds of research communities and their data driven concerns. Clouds on supercomputers can surely change the data game and totally revolutionize research prospects, making maximum use of data and encouraging researchers to collect more and more data. Moreover, such data can be shared between various platforms to ensure interdisciplinary approaches.


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