Love in the AI Age: Virtual Avatars Taking the Lead in Modern Romance

By Sunil Sonkar
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Love in the AI Age: Virtual Avatars Taking the Lead in Modern Romance

Gradually artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a significant part of our daily lives. Social media platforms customize our feeds with the help of AI. Platforms recommend movies through AI algorithm. We also enjoy enhanced shopping experiences. These are facts of our recent past. Now, influence of AI is extending into the world of love and relationships too.


The latest AI influence is possible through Bumble dating app. It is exploring the idea of AI “concierges” and learned could interact with the virtual assistants of other users. Simply imagine that digital avatars are acting as go-betweens. The avatars are sorting through potential matches and thereafter setting up real-life meetings based on compatibility.

Bumble dating app founder Whitney Wolfe Herd shared his innovative approach at the Bloomberg Technology Summit lately on May 9. She explained how AI might soon play a role in testing compatibility between users and respective matches. The platform aims to help users in creating healthy and equitable relationships.

Wolfe Herd simultaneously provided an example of how users on her dating app could benefit from the new AI technology in the near future. Users can talk to AI dating concierges and even share their personal insecurities. They can receive advice on improving their dating lives. Users who are just out of a breakup might express commitment issues to the AI and this could offer tips for better self-perception as well as effective communication with others.

The development can be said that it is a part of a broader trend of AI to integrate further in our social interactions. As of now, AI-powered chatbots assist with customer service. The tools provide companionship and also help with language learning. We are also witnessing facial recognition technology making social connections easier and enhancing device security.

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